Custom length stem, anyone?

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by cassard

I think the problem is mostly a fitting problem and not a in between stem length one.

by Weenie

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by hogehoge

I think most good framebuilders can make you a stem if don't the wait and a heavier part.
You could first try a Look Ergostem and confirm the length and try custom angles.

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by BdaGhisallo

Fiery wrote:
Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:17 am
The manufacturing (forging) process is such that it cannot provide lower tolerances without discarding a large percentage of produced pieces. Those millimetre-increment Sky stems? I’d bet they weren’t getting custom produced items, they were just having them measured more precisely.
Bingo! This is it. One rainy day I sat down and measured a bunch of Ritchey stems I had laying around and the same stem in the same "size" varied by as much as 6mm in actual horizontal reach.

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by boots2000

I agree on the recommendation of checking other stems. Some run short, some run long (even the saem make/model).

Other things you can try-
1.) A different brand or shape of bar (depending on where you are trying to get the hoods)- I discovered that I could bring hoods way back towards me with a Zipp 70mm bar.
2.) Changing angle of existing bar and moving hoods to a different spot.

Changing saddle position is a BAD idea- Unless you are not dialed in that regard either.

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by istigatrice

alcatraz wrote:
Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:45 am
If you have a 100mm -7 degree and look for 95mm. By adding a 5-10mm spacer and going -17 degree 100mm the effective length has shortened by a few millimeters.

The previous poster probably had a different change in mind and got stuck when effective length and fork tube angle cancel out. Not always...
I think so :beerchug:

I was referring to a 90mm -7 and a 90 -17. If they're measured along the stem, then the horizontal measurement for the -17 should be longer when they are mounted to a 73 head angle (but then this length will be cancelled by the effective decrease in stack of using spacers). The 100mm and 90mm suggestion may work if both stems are measured along the horizontal (when the stem is mounted).

Also, between bikes it's very hard to get bike fits constant to a mm, but if we're just talking about 1 bike, the fit to that bike is constant. For some it matters, for others it doesn't. It doesn't matter too much for me, but since I've got calipers and a drawer full of stems it's interesting to measure them...
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by AJS914

Bigger Gear wrote:
Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:13 pm
The OCD person in me wishes there was a 115 stem option. Then I could have the saddle-center of bars reach identical on every bike I own! At one time Deda produced the Newton stem in 5mm increments and I used to have a 115 around but it left on a bike I sold.
Doing a search I found a couple Easton stems and a Deda on ebay in 115mm. A google search also brought up a number of options. ... prod161549

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by eric01

If I recall syntace has a 95 mm offering or maybe it was a 105 mm size

If you really need custom, many titanium options. But that’s cause they are welded individually anyhow. Not sure if the forged ones mass produced would allow for custom increments.
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by wheelsONfire

PinaRene wrote:
Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:27 pm
Call Team Sky

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by wheelsONfire

I got the Tune stem. It probably arrives during this week.
Wert StraightShooter will arrive when they got their own CNC machine, so it'll take some time i guess.

Yes, it's true, Team Sky have stems with 1mm increments.

It would be nice if some manufacturer came up with 105, 115, 125 etc since everybody else is running 100, 110, 120 etc.

I have a Pro stem in 105mm (-10) and a Duke stem in 105mm (-5).
I also have about 5 100mm stems and a bunch of 110 and 120.
Different stack heights and angles.
I also have a few custom made dust caps so i can swap between 4, 5 and 6mm instead of the typical 8-10mm versions.

I usually swap stems pending on my fit,.. or lack of :wink:

Ax Lightness Vial EVO Race (2018.12.21)
Paduano Racing Fidia (kind of shelved)
Open *UP* (2016.04.14)

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