TCR-Repaint or run it nude?

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by onemanpeloton

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Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:00 pm
None, leave it bare.
the decals only take up part of the handlebars. I could sand the bars in their entirety but I wanted to remove some decals and leave others
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by peted76

I vote for a repaint! Not so keen on too much nude carbon..
I've considered repainting my TCR as well... there's some beautiful paint jobs out there.. the difficult bit would be choosing a colour/design/paint!

by Weenie

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by jorisee01

addictR1 wrote:thanks jorisee01 for the link. looks like overall the weight reduction from paint was 101g for frame + fork. thought the pain was heavier but guess not. your final result on the TCR looks clean!! love it!
Thanks. I bought this frame with a destroyed bottom bracket cup. Milled a new cup and epoxied it in. I bought the frame for 75 euro! Because the process we together went through I love this frame to bits. Rides excellent too!

The frame was clear coated so not much paint was on there so a colour painted frame would save more weight by stripping.

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by bilwit

the Sunweb scheme is the only acceptable stock one.. I'd repaint if I had the option

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