Dt Swiss freehub bearings replacement

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by Oberon

This a freebody used on a 180 / 190 hub. The inner bearing and circlip are in their correct positions and the bearing spacer can be seen in the lower right of the photo (the markings around the centre of the spacer are the hackswaw teeth marks). The spacer keeps the inner bearing races aligned with the outer bearing races when the wheel skewer is tightened. I'm not 100% sure of what the circlip does but I think it keeps the outer racket spring centred??Image
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by sungod

ongbenghui wrote:
Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:37 am
This is the pic of the bearings and other stuff in the hub.

In order... 6802, C-clip, ALU spacer, 6902.


DO watch out for the C-Clip as it is quite difficult to remove it. You will definitely need a C-Clip piler.

I have since replace the bearing with NTN LLB.
this looks like a pawl freehub

for lw i think they are all star ratchet, the internals are similar but not quite the same, there's no c-clip, but there is steel split ring at the back, i always assumed it is there as an end stop for the star nut and to avoid wear between the ratchet spring and the body shell, no need to remove it when changing bearings

i found a picture were it's just visible...
http://www.mlwheels.com/wp-content/uplo ... b-guts.jpg

by Weenie

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by micky

Just an update in case anyone is interested;

- took off first the outer bearing by pressing it out
- spacer came off as well
- I was expecting to find any C-clip but there was nothing like that; finally understood the inner bearing was just pressed in from the inside of the wheel (opposite than the outer bearing)

The bearings are 6802 both of them.

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by LeDuke

RyanH wrote:These should be the right ones for DT240 freehubs. The manual is kinda poor at stating which size is for the freehub itself:

https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Pcs-Premium- ... 2749.l2649
Those are the right size, yes, but they are garbage.

I wouldn’t put anything but NTN, NSK, FAG or SKF in a free hub.

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