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by addictR1

not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i'm in a dire need of water bottles recommendation.

currently using CamelBak Podium Chill and have noticed getting sick more frequent this year as compared to last year. i've always wash my bottle after every ride and even use a brush. i also youtube how to tear down the spout area to clean it up and after air dry, reassemble and back in the cabinets.

saturday went out for a ride and was about to use it and noticed the spout was somewhat dirty so didn't use it. fast forward to last night, took it apart and OMG.. it was black like no tomorrow. perhaps it wasn't all dried up last time before i reassembled it.

anyways.. hence i need a recommendation for wather bottle with an easy to clean spout. TIA

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

Specialized Purist with Watergate caps. Don’t get the MoFlo, they are harder to clean. Also are you using sports drink with sugar? If so consider using mixes that only have electrolytes and leave the carbs in gels or bars.

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by jb

This one works fine for me: https://www.abloc.com
Easy to clean.

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by AJS914

Elite bottles seem to work fine for me. I only put water in my bottles and they never get black or slimy.

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by addictR1

Well I only use Pocari Sweat -it’s a Japanese electrolyte drink. Carb and gel I keep in jersey pocket.

I’ll look into those bottle suggestions. Want to get it before my 100miles ride coming up. :)

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by sungod

addictR1 wrote:
Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:21 pm
Well I only use Pocari Sweat -it’s a Japanese electrolyte drink. Carb and gel I keep in jersey pocket.
i only use zero-cal electrolyte tablets or plain water, but even then it's possible for something to set up home, especially inside the valve which is likely to stay moist longest

my ten year old speedplay nanogram-branded specialized bottles are still fine, i like the shape and valve, plus they are perfect in the tune cages, if i lose one then the purist will probably be the replacement

they're bpa free and the valve is simple to remove and clean, maybe once or twice a year i'll treat them with milton (the stuff used to sterilize baby feeding bottles etc., simple sodium hypochlorite solution)

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by sychen

Pocari sweat have sugar in them I'm pretty sure.. Won't help the growth.

Also went away from podium bottles for the same reason. Purists for me.

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by guyc

Just get some sterilising tablets that you use for babies bottles etc (Milton are the make I use here) and every month lob all your bottles in a dishwasher and then soak them overnight in water with a sterilising tablet.

The more complex and leak-free the nozzle, the more likely they are to trap something nasty.

Personally I use Elite ones, and I replace them all every couple of years. 4 a year is all you need really and they're pretty cheap.

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by yltman

camelback is the best bottles
just clean them completely every month (as you did after watching youtube)
in your case I think it was too late to save the bottle, just replace it with the new one

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by MayhemSWE

I think so far my favorite is the Specialized Purist with Watergate cap. I also have to compliment Specialized's custom department who were very easy to work with when I recently designed bottles to match our club kit. The softer Purist HydroFlo are more squeezable but won't stay securely in all cages due to a somewhat triangular shape, and as the printable area is much more limited they weren't an option for the club anyway.

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by jfranci3

Your gut should handle most bacteria from a water bottle aside from the stomach flu. A little dirt shouldn't hurt. A little exposure to most bacterias/molds shouldn't hurt. You should be able to eat that mold no prob (not that you want to). Most disease transmission would be airbourne or via contact. Just put bottles in the dishwasher, leave the caps open, and replace them when they get too out of shape.

Do the camelback bottles have a built in carbon filter by chance? The filter is just little carbon dots. It would look like mold.

By sick, what are you referring? Are you coughing, runny nose, or full on flu?
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by TobinHatesYou

It’s probably not so much bacteria as mold spores.

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by addictR1

Sungod, what’s the zero cal electrolytes tablets you use?

JFranci3: full on flu

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by NiFTY

jfranci3 and Tobin are correct. 1) That is most likely fungal or a combined synergistic fungal bacterial colony (slime city). 2) It is very unlikely to make you sick - unless you have a severely impaired immunity fungi do not make you sick.

This is a kind of detection bias where you have found something which you have pinned your ailment on, whereas if you were feeling wel at the time of detection would have ignored it. The bugs growing in the bottle are wildtype yeast/fungi and bacteria metabolising the sugar - similar strains as would be found in any spontaneous fermentation beer (as a bike rider you really should know about belgian beers - lambic/flanders red/geuze). None of these use farmed yeast/bacterial strained but are open femernted (tanks open to the wind, like your bottle) or are pasteurized afterwards, none make you sick (unless you have too much)

The antimicrobrial phobia of modern society is pathological and underpins the increase in allergies in the modern world. Mould is fine.
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by Weenie

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by Toby

I'll triple the Specialized Purist bottle, but I go for the Hydroflow version, which is stupi flexible and takes very little effort to get a bunch of water out in a hurry. The downside is they're hard to find and only come in one size.. The only place I know to reliably get them is BikeHugger through Amazon. You can also remove the valve from the cap, wash all the surfaces, and ensure it fully dries before you use it again. Some of the newer Spesh caps make it impossible, or nearly so, to remove the valves, which skeeves me out.

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