C60 fork tube expander

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by Boshk

Stupid question, but how do I get it to grip the inside of my fork tube?

I can make it expand and contract in my hand by turning the nut.....but once inside the tube, it just turns, unable to 'grip' the tube. I tried expanding it a bit so that I need to use a little force to push it inside the tube but same deal....cant get it to grip

I'm not suppose to use the carbon paste provided right? it came inside the seatpost box so I assume its only for that.
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by Zakalwe

Just hold the top of the plug with your fingers to stop it spinning until it bites. You can keep a track on where the printing is aligned while you fit it too, so that the top cap is aligned nicely once that’s tightened too

by Weenie

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by corky

Tighten it so it only just slides into the steerer then hold the cap whilst tightening ....you’ll soon learn the knack...

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by Boshk

yea, kinda sound stupid and novice....I did all the above....I'm using a lot...really...alot of pressure pressing it/trying to grip it to stop the expander from spinning and it still does.
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Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

Make sure the lower threaded piece does not rotate out of aligment when the bolt is loose. There is an external notch on it and it should fit in the slot of the long alloy expander piece. I had issues with this first time I pulled the expander out to cut the fork. And as others say, insert it with bolt snugged up a bit and hold it down with one hand while tightening with the other.

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