Dura Ace 9100, skipping?

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by PLuKE

Ok, so my new DA9100 is causing me a small problem.

When pushing hard on the pedals when mainly going up hill, in the small ring and first 3-4 cogs on the rear.

It sounds like the gears are skipping, from the rear, not loud or like its trying to change properly or anything like that, just makes a skipping, quiet trying to change noise only makes the noise every 2 pedal revolutions.

The whole groupset has cover 130miles, chain lubed, indexed 3 times now.

Any ideas?


by Weenie

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by Miller

Tight link on chain?

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by alcatraz

If it's at the same crank position every time it could be crank or bottom bracket related.

Tighten your rear wheel skewer.

Check your cassette for side to side play.

Check that your crank bolts are torqued properly, they can need retightening after a few rides.

Pedal bearings?

If you are using a magic link on the chain check with a chain wear gauge that you have same wear with the link as without it. Sometimes the magic link develops a high wear location in the chain that likes to make a small jump (and sound/chain jerk) coming off the cassette.

Bent chainrings/teeth?


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by wheelbuilder

Miller wrote:
Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:22 pm
Tight link on chain?
I concur with this. If it happens every two revolutions of the crank it is either a stiff link, bodged quick-link, or the connecting pin is inserted either long or short.

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by NiFTY

When you say the whole groupset is 130 miles i assume the chain and cassette are new too. And as others have said - check hanger, cassette lockring and skewer.
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