Shimano 105 R7000

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by 2lo8

I was looking at pictures of RD-R7000 and the weight specs and noticed the rear linkage now appears to be cast. At first I thought it was aluminum and excited that 105 was finally going to get that upgrade, but then I noticed in some close ups, the A-knucle and rear linkage look almost like they're made of plastic now like a Simplex Prestige. The silver looks off on the silver version too, it reminds me of the silver Sora RD-3400 which had a silver painted plastic A-knuckle.

It also uses a flare-type pivot used on the plastic joints for Tourney, Altus, Acera, Sora, etc instead of all pressed in pins of the all-metal derailers. If you take a look at a Sora RD, you can see it uses a flared pin instead of a pressed pin when the plastic is on the outside, but not when it is inside. This is also what's found on Tourney etc. Combined with the newly cast instead of stamped steel rear linkage, it seems like it might be cost-saving plastic.

This is something I might expect from SRAM because of weight, but I always though of 105 as the no-nonsense durable construction groupset that only aimed to be not-heavy, not light. Is Shimano really downgrading 105 to use plastic like their lower end derailers? Anyone get their hands on one yet? I have to say I'm disappointed in Shimano if true.
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by Weenie

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by ooo

Looks like Shimano removed cable sealing nose cover tongue from RD-R7000, that was in RD-5800/6800/R8000.
May be it is possible to retrofit using part Y5PV48000 from RD-R8000 (same part in RD-R9100 & RD-M9000)
(but, to be fair, this nose was also removed from XT RD-M8000)
RD-R7000, RD-R8000
RD-5800, RD-6800
RD-5800 sealing nose cover tongue (part of cable adjusting unit)
RD-R8000 sealing cover tongue (also RD-R9100, RD-M9000)
xtr-da-ultegra-Y5PV48000.jpg (5.95 KiB) Viewed 524 times

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by themidge

Actual weights and good pictures in this bike radar article: ... ils-52035/
To be honest, I think you could easily mistake it for Dura Ace from a distance, which has got to be a good thing!

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by F45

Hubs still suck, and still hyperglide. But otherwise looks fine.

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