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by Kaboom

Nefarious86 wrote:
Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:54 am
eric01 wrote:Lol! you must not be married or have kids!
No im not, tho I've been in long term relationships and never once felt the need to tell my significant other that they can't save for something they want nor have I been told I can't save for what I want. Why should being with someone substantially change things, if you earn enough to save for toys then why can't you have them. Honest question, it's not like after you buy something the money you were saving vanishes from your budget.

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This situation is only relevant if you're married or at least living together.

Your SO is gonna argue that saving up for that new kitchen that means absolutely nothing to you is significantly more important than saving up for that new wheelset that means absolutely nothing to her. And she kinda has a point, too, considering that the whole family benefits from the kitchen while the new bike/wheelset/frameset is for you and you alone.

by Weenie

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by mattr

Kaboom wrote:
Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:29 am
This situation is only relevant if you're married or at least living together.
Also depends on budgets. And prioritisation.

I know some people, in their attempts to keep up with the Jones, will spend eyewatering amounts of cash on the third downstairs guest toilet. Which gets used three times a year.
Others will go to the cheapest box shifting warehouse they can find and buy the cheapest they can find. Like me. :D

Same with bikes really. Where i certainly don't buy the cheapest bike i can find. Neither does my wife.

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by addictR1

Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:37 am
Not sure what state you're in, but WA stores currently have the 2018 TCR Advanced Pro 1 for $3200. I measured a Large in store at 7.5kg without pedals but with the bell and wheel reflectors on. It runs Giant's in-house carbon wheelset that's about 1425g


I had exactly the same thought when i saw this... and if deep-sections are necessary, any shop would probably change the 30mm SLR1s for the 55mm version without price change.

The new 2019 for $200 more: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/us/tcr-a ... -team-2019
got me thinking about it... but not too crazy about the sunweb logos.

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