remove expansion plug on specialized tarmac

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by garethm872

What is the best way to remove this type of expansion plug? It's on a specialized tarmac bike.
Do I remove centre bolt half way and hit with hammer to loosen?

by Weenie

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by Catagory6

is it a carbon steerer tube? is the expansion plug seized in the tube?

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by garethm872

yeah ,carbon steerer tube. looks like its seized. lightly hitting it with a hammer isn't loosening it.

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by preludervtec

This video will show you how to get it out.

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by happyon2wheels

The video is a great tutorial. I have never managed to do the last bit with pulling the top wedge piece out like that, though. The d@mn thing has always been really stuck inside the sleeve.

Insetad I have pulled out the bolt as shown in the video and simply knocked down both wedge parts with the use of hammer (do NOT take the biggets one you have) and a rod fitting the flat top of the wedge but without falling through the bolt hole. Both wedge parts can be hammered down through the sleeve and the sleeve comes right out as shown. This has worked for me on several occasions and still leaves the expander useful afterwards. Similar to the video I have always kept the stem in place but with a bit less torque just for stability of the whole thing.

In all cases (three bikes) I have, however, thrown away the S expander and found something lighter and a bit easier to remove like the Ritchey WCS expander or similar.

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by morganb

I ended up destroying mine and using a bearing puller to take out the remains. They are a terrible design.

by Weenie

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