FD-R9100 low limit problem

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by RussellS

It looks like maybe the front derailleur braze on is causing the problem for you. Maybe some grinding and filing and bending on it will help get the front derailleur closer to the seattube. It would be interesting if you had a clamp on front drailleur of the same model and bolted it onto the frame right above the current braze on derailleur. And look from above to see the difference in how close the derailleur is to the seattube. I'm betting the clamp on derailleur would be a lot closer to the seattube. The braze on mount is causing the problem.

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by ave

I measured my other 2012 S5 frame. That bike has a 7800 FD. The mounting bolt's centerline is the same distance from the seat tube.
There's quite a big gap between the chain and the cage on that bike.

So next thing is I'll try an older FD on the new frame.

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by eric01

I had some problems with my Ax Vial Evo and 9100 front derailleur too. Opposite problem -- i couldn't get it to swing far enough out to shift onto the big ring without rub.

This video was helpful:

Still couldn't get it to work for me so I went back to 9000 series front derailuer. No big deal as I had a spare one.
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by eins4eins

same problem on my S5. Can't get the FD set up for the same exact reason.
Chainline is not the problem and as i'm running GXP cranks, i can't move the crank further out to the right.

The new cable routing of the FD 9100 simply doesn't work with the S5 i think.

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by ave

Good to know that it's not the crankset then! What is your solution? Did you try older FDs?

I watched that video before install, it is helpful.
I'll try to get a 6800 FD, I hope it will help.

Strange problem, as Cervelo do sell S5 with mechanical 8000 at least. (I'd think 8000 and 9100 are almost identical)
https://www.racycles.com/road/cervelo/c ... bike-14455

I guess Shimano tries to convince me to go the Di2 route.
As the rear shifting also worse than with 9000 on my LOOK 586 (no internal cable routing of course), I think the only real solution for modern aero frames is electronic shifting.
I used cheap shifting cables, not the polymer coated ones, perhaps they would help.

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by ave

I tried a FD-6800, it was the same.
I decided that the best solution is to tilt the cage inwards, so it's not really parallel with the big ring.
I can now use every gear with no rub, but front shifting to the big ring is not perfect, as the cage that should push the chain outwards is not moving out enough. It takes a bit of time to put it on the big ring. But it works.

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by alcatraz

Check that your crank arms are equally distanced from the middle of your down tube.

Maybe you have the crank more to one side than it should be. Like a bbright frame using a bb86 bottom bracket or similar.


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by slash

Any solution to this?? I'm building a 2015 Cervelo S5 (the black and white generation2 model). With a Wheels Manufacturing angular contact thread-together bbright 24mm (shimano compatible) bottom bracket, Dura-Ace 9100 crankset, 9100 derailleurs. No matter what I do I cannot get the chain not to rub the inside plastic guard of the 9100 front derailleur when in small ring & biggest rear cog.

Some things to note.. The front derailleur is dangerously close to the frame in 2 places. (lower spring tab, and outer casing stop). Low limit screw is maxed. Front derailleur has no cable tension at this position, yet still rubs. The chainline looks as it does in the first picture of this thread. I installed the FD perfectly as described in the manual and the video you linked. Everthing torqued exactly to spec, even the recommended angular contact bearing preload torque.

The Wheels Manu. bottom bracket came with spindle spacers.

My questions are.. Will moving the crankset outward solve the problem? If so, can I add the included WM spindle spacers to the drive side of a shimano dura-ace 9100 crank or is that not recommended? (between the crank and the rubber bottom bracket seal) I don't want to throw something else off in the crankset.

Another note, all the 9100 components were fine on my 2013 Cervelo S2. Perfect shifting, but it had a Dura-Ace 9100 Bottom Bracket.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

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by Svetty

Had similar issue on a Kinesis frame. It's the design of the Rxxx front mech that seems to be the issue.....

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by kode54

in your picture, it looks like the cable is rubbing against the FD. are you sure you routed the cable correctly?
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