Easy to clean white bartape

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Personally i’ve used fizik, lizard skins and supacaz. The fizik tape was nice and easy to clean, but not to my liking as i found it to thin. LS tape, esp the 3.2 mm variant is great, but like a previous poster said, you either wrap it to tight or to loose. The perfect tension is hard to find. I also discovered that the LS tape dislikes gloves with ‘rough’ leather palms.
Right now i’m on Supacaz silicon tape and that seems to be right on the money. It is a bit more dense then LS, and therefore it doesn’t get thin as quick.

Another rule i follow is that every 3000 kilometer i give my bike a fresh tape. Why? You wash your kit after every ride, because you did sweat, right? You throw your undies, socks and your t-shirt in the laundry basket after wearing them a day, correct? Why? Because you did sweat in that cycling kit and because your undies, socks and shirt, because they picked up bodily particles and sweat.
Now, ffwd to that bartape. Every time you blow your nose or take a quick pee break, you comfortably place your hands back on your bar and take off again.

'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'

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by Multebear

Thank you all. Greatly appreciatet.

Many of you vote for Fizik Microtex, and that is what I'm going to order.

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by dgasmd

I use Deda tape and have used Cinelli cork in the past. Both clean well and easily with a Mr Clean white eraser barely wet.

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