2018 Addict v Tarmac v R3 v ?

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by owltoids

Hello, I am stuck between a few different bikes right and could definitely use some help or push to narrow down my decision. All bikes below are the 2018 models.

I have been looking at the Specialized Tarmac Expert, love the color but not a fan of the local shop that carries it. I have also been looking at the Scott Addict RC 10, RC 20, Focus izalco max and the Cervelo R3.

I plan on doing some longer rides and hopefully eventually soon get into racing. I'm open to any additional suggestions as well but just wanted to gather everyones though any opinions.

Thanks :)

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by reedplayer

imo very easy: which geometry fits best, which bike do you like best aesthetically. and which kind of handling do you prefer? everything else is not so important.

if weight matters: izalco max for shure is the lightest of framesets from your list (like scott addict hmx, lighter than specialized tarmac sworks sl6)

if quality of customer service matters: i only posses (ed) izalco max, but never had a problem with this bike, so no experience. :wink:

handling of izalco max is neutral, perfect for mountain-area. probably not the best crit-bike.

geoometry is aggressive, but you can see this by yourself on the geometry-chart.

by Weenie

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by izza


Customer service - Trek Emonda
Sharpest handling (I’m not saying best as its personal preference) - Tarmac
Lightest - depends primarily on OEM wheels
Climbing out of saddle - Tarmac/Addict
Frame stiffness - Emonda
Ride quality/comfort - Emonda

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by Finist

My choice was Emonda, don`t regret. Though, a few years ago I had an experience using another brand oven. Nothing interesting, really.

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by peterlee

I think , Cerverlo R3

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