Chainline using Power2Max crank with Campy hydraulic discs?

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by jma6610

As I understand it, hydraulic disks with 142 x 12 thru axles move the chainline 2.5 mm outbound - at least with the newer Campagnolo HO groups. I'm about to order a new custom frame that will likely have a PF46/PF30 bottom bracket (unless I want something else) and already have a Power2Max Campagnolo crank/powermeter (NG model with Campy 4-bolt chainrings) that I'm hoping to use. Unfortunately, the crank/rings won't have the 2.5mm added. I'm told that 2.5mm on a chainline is enough to cause less than optimal shifting. P2Max has no crank-based solution yet.

Is there any good solution on the BB? I was thinking that it may be possible to put a 2.5mm shim in/behind the BB somehow that might move the entire BB-cup/crank outbound on the drive-side and then not use the wavy washer on the other side, but instead use some appropriate sized spacer. I don't mind if the pedals aren't perfectly centered.




by Weenie

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