Aftermarket derailleur pulleys

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by alcatraz

Hi WW's. (Nice to see the forum has been fixed, thx admin(s)!)

So I have a few rear derailleurs, high end to low end. On a few of them I tried changing the pulleys to alloy sprocket + ceramic bearing ones and that worked ok I guess. Cheap stuff.

After evaluating them and playing around with derailleurs in general, and looking to improve shifting performance, it struck me that the cheap pulleys/old pulleys/low end pulleys pretty much all of them have quite a bit of side to side play. More than I like.

My next aim is to try and get a smooth rolling pulley that is lightweight but also low in side play.

I found this pulley that is designed for MTB with narrow/wide teeth that looks quite intriguing. I like the idea that shifting precision could increase. What do you think about efficiency here? Would it be watts lost? Are the wide teeth just for cleaning dirt off the chain links or do they help guide the chain better?

Is it worth trying on a road derailleur or should I look elsewhere?


by Weenie

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by Attermann

You can get those from J&L on eBay, with ceramic bearings, they work pretty well, I’m using them on a r8000 derraliuer right now

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by Kayrehn

I previously used Fiber Lyte pulley wheels and I can't get the chain to move up to the 11t cog till I recently changed it to J&L narrow wide ones. It feels better that bearings spin easier than bushings (which doesn't really spin on its own).

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