Don Lamson Leaves D2 Shoe

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by Squint

I remember something about him investing in some shoe/pedal combo which never panned out and he declared bankruptcy. People lost their deposits and I don't think they were offered discounts once the business was restarted and profitable again. This was the reason that D2 was my third choice when looking for custom shoes. I could have saved myself a bunch of money going with Don first but such was my reluctance.

I was about to order a new pair of shoes and probably still will but I wouldn't let him hold on to my money for too long.

by Weenie

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paid and sent my fit kit back in december. Crickets and several ignored emails, phone calls, and FB messages until about a month ago when I got a call from "Hakob" saying he was starting on my shoes. I've yet to get them and I feel a bit duped since part of the reason I decided to spend $1250 on a pair of shoes was because of Don's experience...

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by djg21

TheKaiser wrote:
Tue Mar 27, 2018 3:18 pm
I really hope you guys get something figured out with them. It seems like if you paid via credit card and never recieved your product, then you could call the CC company and reverse the charges.

It was a long time ago, and I'm having trouble finding an article to refresh my memory, but I seem to recall a similar batch of complaints when Don closed Lamson Designs down and started D2 close to 20yrs ago. I saw people posting on various forums saying that they'd put a deposit down with Lamson and now the company was no longer a thing. So, it's kind of funny to see history repeating itself and even with essentially the same company names, just in reverse.

I didn't realize it until just now, but Don actually had another company prior to the original incarnation of Lamson. The "history" page of the D2 site is no longer posted but you can see reference to the succession of companies here on the Wayback Machine. The succession went DONI (which was production oriented) > Lamson Designs (which was custom) > D2Shoe > (and now) Lamson Cycling Shoes:is ... istory.php
I can tell you that Don did everything he could to make each and every customer with outstanding orders from the old Lamson Designs whole. Every one of the affected customers was able to eventually get shoes. If by chance some customer paid a deposit and dropped through the cracks without getting shoes, I’d bet that Don still would go out if his way to make things right now, notwithstanding the time that has passed. I’d also bet that if you have a deposit in at D2 that D2 won’t refund, Don would still be willing to help you out with shoes and try to make you whole. You can speak with him! But my understanding is that D2 is refunding deposits, at least for the time being.

In the meanwhile, Don is closing on a new home with an annexed shop facility in Tuscon over the few weeks, and he’s currently looking for equipment he needs to beiild shoes. I know where I’ll be vacationing next winter, If you have questions, you can contact Don through

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by Master-Ti

Just a quick follow-up to my last post a few weeks ago.

After several e-mails went un-answered, I was finally able to contact Hakob over the telephone. He apologized for the lengthy delay in making the orthotics, as he was about 50 orders behind, and he was now the single owner / employee of D2 Shoes. He agreed to return my shoes, as well as a cheque that was a full refund for the cost of the orthotics. These were promptly shipped as promised, so in the end, I my impression was that he is an honest man who was making the best of his new situation, and trying his best to "make it right" for his customers.

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