Frame Stiffness - What gives?

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by C36

As I mentioned earlier, those results are nothing new and those types of test have been / still being used by some magazines with very limited scientific validity, way too many variables.
As mentioned few messages above, at least out of the saddle (what we measured), stiffness DO bring more performance when you keep all the other element consistent (power, weight, aero...) and allow a higher power-peak (sprint for example), this is a fact... now how you "feel" may be different. To answer the question on "do pro test"... I can speak from my personal experience and 10 years ago that was the case up to a certain point, the limiting factor was often the time to implement the protocol that interfere with the training plans. By the way, team attitudes (or countries in the case of olympic teams) were very different from each others, some being proactives when others were quite passives.

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