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by queloque67

If this has been asked before or if you have a link,
What order do you tend to order your parts when doing a bike build little at a time after you get your frame?
I was going to order different things as I got paid.

Do you start with wheels first? Most expensive parts first. Cheap stuff first? etc.


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by Kayrehn

Ebay/aliexpress cheap bits first, because they can take a while to arrive. Components from the larger reputable online retailers next, usually no fuss. Parts that you'll need from the shop last, when you send the bike in to be built. That's considering the time it takes to gather your stuff.

If it's about how much you can spend at a go... Get the cheaper bits first. After a while you'll see the cost snowball and you might reconsider the bora ultra and opt for a bora two instead 🤣

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by Weenie

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by themidge

With my build I've been doing the whole looking for second hand parts (mostly on ebay) as that tends to take the longest. Next I'll order any parts that need to come from overseas (the far east basically), although perhaps I should have done that first. Finally, anything I need to buy new will be ordered on-line (probikekit, CRC, wiglle etc.)
Then if the build all goes a bit pear-shaped I'll go down to my LBS and smile sweetly...

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by bilwit

When I did this I just bought what I could at the time, restricting it to a few items (depending on the cost) per month basically. I did all the big expensive things like wheelset (and finally the frameset) last.

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by queloque67

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by queloque67

Yeah.....the big items is what I'm trying to negotiate when....

I have the frameset
Now the complete SRAM RED ETAP Groupset and Wheelset
Than everything else.

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by dricked

I bought my frame/wheelset first and then pieced together the groupset and other bits. I bought a few used things off eBay/Pinkbike which takes time to find especially if you’re set on a specific brand or style and want a deal. There’s lots of overpriced used parts out there and this is my N+1 bike so I didn’t need to rush picking up parts. All the small bits (cables/housing, chain, saddle, bar tape etc) came from my LBS and I’ll take it there for them to transfer my settings from my other bike. I wouldn’t show up with a box of parts that I didn’t buy from them and want them to build up my bike. Besides that’s half the fun of it and gives me more happy feelings when I look at it or get a compliment on how nice it is.

There’s an add on Pinkbike under road bikes for etap groupsets for a good price and I believe global shipping.

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by L3X

I usually go
-Wheelparts so I can build them
-All other bits and pieces...

That being said, I do have a full groupset and set of wheels in my living room waiting for a frame that I like, so guess I'm not 100% consistent :)

by Weenie

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by cassard

I went through this process for my custom Stinner. I thought of the best order of events and for what it's worth this is my most efficient way. It would be mostly for a custom build.

1. The frameset. This is where I don't do compromises. Considering I want something custom, I want to keep it as long as I can. So the shape, the geometry is important (if a stock one fit, perfect) and the paintjob. I don't want to be bored in the next few years.

2. This one is personal in my opinion. I hesitated between wheels and groupset. At first I thought wheels first. But with my budget I had to make a choice. High end wheels but lower groupset, or higher end groupset and mid-range wheels. I went with the second choice, because it fitted more my final idea of my bike. I wanted the most clean bike possible, so I went for eTAP (no gain guide at all) and mavic all road pro instead of Enve ARdisc and force 1x. The reason is I will be able to change the wheels in the future and keep the nice look of the bike, instead of taking off the force 1x for etap and leaving empty chain guides. So Even if the wheels changes more the performance of the bike than the groupset, this is my choice.

edit : also, with the eagle eTAP coming soon, I think there will be a possibility to go to Road 12s with either the eagle or a red eTAP firmware update.

3. Cockpit because there is nice options for different prices. You can get a full zipp, 3T, enve cockpit, or a full thomson one that will be very nice not super heavy. In any case, you can change it in the futur for cheap (compared to wheels, groupset).

4. the cheapstuff in the end. Bargains or when you sell something you don't need in your house you can get the other small pieces.

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