Why are everyone so into Black bikes now?

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by Stickman

All or predominantly black bikes are not my preference. That said, my bike is mostly black, with some grey and some fluoro orange highlights. It was what I could afford, meh.
I put bottle cages on with a thin strip of orange, and will replace the stock black bar tape with orange as well when the time comes.

All black with black wheels/saddle/bartape/bottle cages etc doesn't do it for me.

That said, I've seen one of these Focus's in store and couldn't decide whether it was awesome, or a step too far int he other direction....


by Weenie

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by jorryt


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by DJT21

kode54 wrote:
Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:41 pm
blacked out, murdered out. whatever.

i have 3 bikes all black, who's counting? the main reason why all my bikes are black is because my wife won't notice another blacked out, stealth bike.
i'm certain if i have a white bike, a red one or one that has lots of graphics on it...i would get alot of flack for having one too many bikes. with all black bikes,
i can safely move one around, work on one while riding the other and do anything within reason...without arousing any suspicion regarding having too many bikes.

plus, with low light in the basement...the third black bike is hidden, stealh-like in the darkness.

i don't really care what color it is, but after surviving my 4th bike, 3 of which are black...i'm not going back.
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by dim

a black bike always look good (to me)

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by Alumen

queloque67 wrote:
Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:17 pm
What is this stealth look that everyone is in to?

Is it more about anything you wear will match the bike? Less weight with black paint?
I love my black bike and I am glad my favorite bike was indeed available in this "color". I don't like colored bikes at all. Colors, especially mixed colors, make them looking cheap (ok, if they come in one color I could life with it), and the top of cheapness is colored tyres. Brrrr....., soo wrong !!!!!

But hey, that is just my humble opinion, I understand tastes can differ - but my taste is black/stealth :mrgreen:
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