Record or Super Record eps?

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by wilwil

Regarding the mechs and shifters, is one any better than the other? Why does the SR rear mech casing have a hole in it? Is the Record front mech better for not having a carbon cage? Already have SR calipers and cranks.

by Weenie

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by morrisond

The simple answer is the mech has a hole in it to save weight - maybe a gram or so.

Theoretically Record FD may be stiffer but front SR derailleur EPS shifts great.

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by nismosr

I have the sr, record and Athena, honestly my Athena shift as good as the SR .. but SR looks better ..
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by Butcher

Super because of the definition. It's only money and it's what you spend it on.

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by nestornnk

I have both.They are great.There is no difference in performance,weight difference is insignificant.

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by mike

it's only looks. super record has the carbon on the front derailleur but record is metal, so it is stiffer. also the holes are in the rear derailleur but functions exactly the same.

by Weenie

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