Squirt Wax Lube drivetrain gunk

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by zefs

That's my experience as well on mileage/noise. Also you can easily clean it before reapplying with a little water so no need for degreasing the chain then cleaning the degreaser with water then waiting for it to dry etc...

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by MikeD

zefs wrote:Yes this seems to be working better as I tried it today. But having to do that as well as applying it carefully on each link every few rides seems a bit of a hassle to keep the drivetrain clean.
I just heat it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds with the cap off and run a line of it on the chain while spinning the cranks backwards. I don't even wipe off the excess. The one drop per link method takes a lot more time and is not the method Squirt recommends.

by Weenie

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by zefs

I'll try it again with the cap off on the next application.

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by jorryt

I really dig these kind of lubes. I made my own and it keeps the chain clean. After about 200km it gets a bit noicey.

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