Aliante users... R1 open vs. Regular R1

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by Rich_W

Any Aliante r1 users out there switch to the version with the hole in it? R1 open looks tempting to try. Profile looks the same. Easier on the 'taint?

by Weenie

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by MikeMoore

I didn’t like it, put undue pressure on the edges of the cutout. Not a fan.
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by bilwit

the new open series is much heavier, might as well get a Berk if you want an open channel 8)

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by wingguy

I've demoed the Arione Open and it was rubbish, more pressure than a normal saddle. Looking at how they're built I personally think the new Versus Evo range is a much better bet from Fizik than the Opens. Basically exactly the same construction principles as Fabric's madly successful saddle line but with Fizik's shapes and a full length channel.

But hey, saddles! Everyone's so different.

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