help with Trek Madone Decision!

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by GothicCastle

bikepress wrote: ↑
Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:37 pm
aeolus 7 and 9 are a must!!
Riding 90mm wheels anywhere other than a closed triathlon course is dumb.

by Weenie

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by bikepress

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Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:24 am
A Madone can be made light too. 5 vs 7 kg won't make any bit of difference if your hills are 4% max. In fact you'd be slower on the Emonda. (Yes I'm a weight weenie :lol:)

It will come at a comfort price though. Speed doesn't come for free. You will have to get more aero (less comfortable fit) on the Madone to do it justice I think. :D

If you are an aging gentleman and love to do more and more touring then comfort becomes increasingly important. I see sometimes old timers on Dogmas/Propels/Venges and I'm thinking what kind of life crisis they must be in to torture themselves like that. I'm not saying it's wrong, just it's not a bike that fits their riding style.


No I’m 35, I made some big changes in my live in the last year so the new bike (dream bike ) will be a reward for me!! And I will make a couple of Gran Fondos this year
When I wasn’t in a bike I was making reports about bike racing, even having some friend’s in the ProTour teams, this question is hard for them because the get all for free and they don’t service there own bikes! And they came always with the same question “do you need it”, having passed a hard time in the last year’s yes I need!

But even asking what type of bike the would buy if the leave the job… the just say some think I like to ride, and something that’s look sexy, deep wheels or not you are experience enough to ride what you like! You should ride what you like!

But being a journalist practicably and lots of other questions came a long, and I don’t want to spend the money and them… mumm I don’t like it… I have to sell it!

The position and geometry I can leave with, the inner cables are the scary part!

And I question my self like you say… do I need, one… no… did I want to have my dream bike yes… and this chance I pretty sure I will not have other in the next years… is now or never!

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by bikepress


Ok guys!

Thank you for the info’s and help like I sad I made big change in my live this bike will be my present from me to me… because I real may not like this new life in the end of the year, and go back to my old job!

Has I read sexy is hard to leave but ok I will try it!

I ride alone or with 4 or 5 friends maximum, is a Nord Germany is very flat, comparing to my country Portugal that we can have some nice hills around that’s aero was never a question and I bought the Canyon.

The bike will have DI2 because I never try it, I have Sram Red in canyon and I love it, but to have Sram in the Madone will have to go project one, and there is no budget for it! And cables In the Madone are out of question! And if I don’t like it I can sell the DI2 and buy the Etap.

Deep wheels… I like how the look, I like most of all the sound that they made in the road! I have zipps 404 tubular in the canyon, but I think I go clincher, because tubular are very good with tape, but if I get a flat is a pain in the ass to come back home, and being tubular I don’t use the wheel´s as much I would like to!

Because I will build up my bike I will keep you guys posted!
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Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:19 am
If you are going to do your own mechanical work on the Madone, get either etap or Di2. Mechanical shifting on that bike is a real pain. Trust me. I have built a great many of those bikes. Even with experience and lots of tricks, I would absolutely dread having to replace cables and housing on the bikes. The barrel adjuster system in the downtube control panel is a royal pain to deal with. Once done though, it rides well and looks great. Go with your heart.
thank you for the deatlis!!

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