Canyon / Reynolds Tubeless Set-Up

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by Bordcla

Would those of you who recently bought a Canyon bike with Reynolds Strike disc clinchers, do the wheels come already set up for tubeless, or are all of the necessary accessories included with the bike to run a tubeless set-up?

Other than sealant and proper tubeless tires, does one need to buy any other aftermarket pieces (valves, extenders, tape, etc.)?

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

by Weenie

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by Geordiepaul

They don't come setup tubeless as they come with Conti's but they do come with valves so all you need is tyres and sealant.

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by naambezet

You also need valves. I have the Assaults and I'm using Schwalbe Pro Ones, they were a pain in the ass to get on. Every trick from the book had to be used with a compressor.

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by Bordcla

So, they come with tubeless valves or not (last two posts appear to contradict one another)?

Are they already fitted with tubeless tape?

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by TobinHatesYou

I’m assuming tubeless valves are included in an accessory bag, if not just get Speed Evolution valves and extenders or Silca valves. Stan’s valves will work in a pinch though they tend to get clogged for me. Tubeless tape is just plastic strapping tape. My goto tape is “2mil” green powder coating masking tape. 60m of tape is like US$10 on Amazon. Tesa 4289 (Stan’s) and 3M 8898 (Velocity Velotape) will also work ok. I do prefer the specific characteristics of the powder coating tape though.

My guess is the tape Reynolds uses on currently shipping wheelsets is tubeless compatible.

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by dcorn

My aeroad came with tubeless valves long enough for the deep Reynolds wheels. It appears the wheels have tubeless tape already installed.

I'm considering going tubeless since my last ride had me go through a short wooded trail and I picked up at least 3 thorns, resulting in blowing through 2 tubes and 2 patches and getting a car ride home.

by Weenie

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