Power2Max NG Eco or Stages LR?

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by Bordcla

Getting a new Canyon with Shimano drivetrain and looking for a power meter. Given experience with other systems, the ability to use a Shimano crank or at least chainrings is a key consideration.

Options would include the new DA 9100 P power meter, Pioneer, Stages or P2M. I don't want to switch to Garmin pedals.

Based on functionality and price, Stages LR and P2M are my two main options.

What's the word on usability and reliability? P2M seems to be consistently in the "just works" category, and is priced quite well at $640 all in. The only downside I can think of is having to use a Rotor 3D 24 crank with my Shimano chainrings. Not sure if it is in any way inferior to the Ultegra cranks that come with the bike?

I currently have a previous gen Stages on my bikes and haven't had reliability problems in a long time, though I did experience drop outs initially.

Including the price of a new compact crankset (which I'm going to be buying at some point even if I get the P2M), the Stages is a bit more expensive, at $1K all inclusive.

What would you get if you were in my shoes given the considerations highlighted above?

by Weenie

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by naylor343

I've been running p2m since 2013, classic and type S, both 100% faultless. Do a Google search for issues and warranty returns for both, you will have your answer to your question very quickly.

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by euan

NGEco is faultless.

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by ancker

So far happy with my NGeco. But I also just bought a second(or maybe third)-hand Quarq Riken spider for my backup bike for cheeeeeap.

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by jfranci3

I've got a used 2012-2013 classic on a rotor crank. It just works and is consistent. Works better than the Stages unit on the spin bike at the gym.

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by eric01

DC Rainmaker has very thorough write ups. Highly recommended reading.

I have a TypeS/Rotor 3D+ w/ Praxis chainrings on Dura Ace drive train. It might not shift quite as well as stock DuraAce crank, but doesn't bother me in the slightest.
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by Boshk

You can get a NG-eco 3d24 with shimano 4 bolt. Same bb, the easiest switch you can get I think, pull out your DA or Ultegra crank, remove chainrings, fix them onto your P2M and you are done, only thing is, its a Rotor crankarm/set, or you can pay 99euro more and get Praxis rings in whatever config you want.

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by Ghost234

The one thing I'm not sold on with the NG is the battery cover. It seems flimsy. How robust is it?

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by jfranci3

The eco is coin battery, you touch the cover twice/season tops. I’m sure it’s fine.

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by mike

power2max is best period. also easy to swap batteries. don't have to take off crank and send to germany like srm.

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by nismosr

I have both .. ng eco and super record stages .. for about 4 months on stages and 2 months on ng eco .. so far so good , easy to caliberate ..
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by hogehoge

Can you run 9100 chainrings on the P2M spider?

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by Bordcla

hogehoge wrote:
Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:57 pm
Can you run 9100 chainrings on the P2M spider?
In the P2M video showing how to install the 4-bolt Shimano spider and Rotor cranks, they use R8000 chainrings, so I would presume that if those fit, so would 9100.

What would your concern have been?

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by c60rider

Ghost234 wrote:
Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:17 am
The one thing I'm not sold on with the NG is the battery cover. It seems flimsy. How robust is it?
It's certainly nice thick silicone based rubber and 12 months on mine is still like new so no problems with that. I wouldn't let that stop you buying one. You can get new ones easily enough and in different colours to match the decals. You get a plain black one provided.

by Weenie

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by Hahaboy

i choose stages LR, beside reliability and singal drop. it's light weight, below 700g, existing using rotor 2inpower, next week will arrive

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