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Which Wilier frameset would you buy?

Wilier Cento 10 Air
Wilier Cento 10NDR
Total votes: 27

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by mrowkoob

After lower back surgery last year and subsequently selling off most of my roadbikes (I can´t sit that aggressively anymore) I´ve just ordered an NDR both because of the geometry and the dampening. I might even throw a ergon post on there as well. Hoping I can get back to roadcycling this way. I´ll post my experiences later on.
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by Weenie

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by Frankie - B

Your a smart guy, NDR will make the difference for you.
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by fa63

I just watched the NDR video Wilier have on their website; now I want to buy one too :D

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by tabl10s

Reality bites, top quality items don't. I have a list of ailments, but my hip rotation is good and I've always been to touch my toes whether 8 or 28% BF. Buy what you desire!
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by mrowkoob

So I have my NDR now. I use the ergon post as well and I have changed from Fizik Kurve Bull to ISM PL 1.1. All changes made so I could ride again after backsurgery more than a year ago, which really changed how I can sit on a bike. Two rides outside so far ( I train inside on wahoo kickr mainly because I´m a bit afraid of what to do if my back gives out) so taking it very slowly. The geometry seats me a lot higher in front and the dampening of the frame and post and saddle really cushions my back from the road. The bike came from the factory equipped with Mavic Cosmic Carbon SL wheels but so far I have only ridden with Zipp 30 Course wheels. The ergon post moves (flexes) a little bit which feels strange the first couple of minutes on the bike. Frame is stiff and handles well even though a lot of back end road feel is not there it is not a wobbly ride. I´ll post more when I have ridden it more.
The unbearable wallet lightness of being a weightweenie

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by TonyM

You made the right choice IMHO (I also may one day have yo make this choice).
Keen to see your review.

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by pdlpsher1

Good to hear you like the Ergon post. After some miles you will not even notice you have a suspension post. I can’t imagine going back to a normal post (or a stiff bike). Enjoy your new ride.

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