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by Boshk

Current bike is Bianchi XR3, bb86.

Pedal meters would be the easiest way to 'reuse' my power meter if I change bikes or buy a 2nd bike, what about crank based meters?

I'm pretty much set on p2m meters, have 2 options:
p2m 3d24 (type S or NGeco) which has a standard shimano 24mm crank.
fsa power box which is NGeco but with a 386evo crank.

Which if any would be 'easier' to move to new/2nd bike either C60, C64 or F10....
Colnago C60

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

24mm cranks will have the best compatibility. If that is your priority, then stick to 24mm. However I would rather just use pedals...

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by pdlpsher1

Yup. 24mm is the best for compatibility. However personally I prefer a 30mm crank. And if I have a bike that takes a 30mm crank I wouldn’t use a 24mm crank. Besides, if you can afford a new F10 why would you be worried about reusing your PM? Just sell your PM and get the right PM for your F10....

Personally I have a Quarq DFour BB30 in a T47 BB. The DFour BB30 actually has a long 30mm spindle designed to fit in either a BB30 or BB386 BB, or any BB that takes a 30mm spindle.

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