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by Timmy269

Is this a old bike of a famous brand? He's for sale for 50euro

by Weenie

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by AJS914

Not famous! Low spec parts and very worn out. I wouldn't take it if it was free. Now, maybe if you were trying to build a cheap Eroica bike, it might be useful.

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by Geoff

The dropouts do not look to be of high-quality. Even back 'in the day', we had racebikes that were not equipped with fork eyelets. The fork crown does not appear to be a nice, forged one, which would have been a hallmark of a quality bike from that era, even a trainng bike with fenders.

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by HammerTime2

the jerk thinks the stem is too short!
the jerk is always right!

BYW, I've found no evidence of an "LS MORENO" in cycling, but there are apparently such medical clinics in the Philippines.

Kind of unusual to find tubulars on cheap@ss bikes nowadays. But back in the day, it was less uncommon

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by RussellS

Look for a sticker on the frame down by the bottom bracket to see if the frame used Columbus or Reynolds or some other quality steel brand. Brake Levers are Shimano from the early 1990s. I had them on a Trek 520 from 1991. Rear derailleur looks like it is newer. Not sure when Shimano first started making RSX. Still made today I think. Brakes look horrible. Not a name brand brake. Not sure who or what made those monstrosities. Mavic GP4 rims 36 hole with straight gauge spokes. Rims were fine quality back in the 1980s. Straight gauge spokes have always been inferior. Not sure what brand the crank and front derailleur are. 6 speed freewheel. Zip tied rear brake cable. Braze on downtube shift levers. Unlikely its actually a good bike. 50 Euros is $60 US dollars. I'd pass unless you need a beater bike for some reason and have a spare wheelset to get away from tubulars on a beater bike. Beater bikes should not have tubulars.

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