Difference between NDS pedalarm on SRAM eTap GXP

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by Greenduck

Hey all,

I've installed a Quarq SRAM Red power meter, replacing my SRAM Red eTap crankset on my Pinarello Dogma 65.1 which use an ITA bottom bracket. I use the SRAM GXP bottom bracket.

There's a difference on the inside of the NDS pedalarm. The old pedalarm sat flush with the bearing cup but the new pedalarm is thicker making it stick out further. Everything is tight and there's no play. But it looks kinda weird. Also, with the new pedalarm the bearing is not covered completely making it easier for water/dirt to enter the bearing.

Please se photos...

Is this the way it should be or have SRAM packed a wrong pedalarm or something like that? Is this a GXP crankset for PressFit bottoms brackets and not a GXP crankset for ITA bottom brackets?


New pedalarm
New pedalarm
Old pedalarm
Old pedalarm
Difference between pedalarms (old left, new right)
Difference between pedalarms
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by pdlpsher1

Your old crank platform looks like it’s not from an eTap crankset. It looks like the same crank as what I’m using, which is from a Red ten speed Exogram crankset from 2012. Take a look at the pic. When I got my Quarq Red it came with the newer NDS crank arm. I weighed the two NDS crank arms and the old style is 40 grams lighter. And I think the old one looks nicer. So kept the old NDS crank arm on the bike. I never tried to mount the new style crank arm. I have read that Sram experienced some crank arm failures with the old style NDS, on the threaded pedal insert. I believe the redesign was in response to the failures.

I have an English BB. The BB shouldn’t make any difference.

If I were you I’d just leave the old crank arm on the bike. It looks much nicer.


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by Weenie

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by Greenduck

Thanks for the answer.

The old pedalarm is from the new SRAM Red 11 speed crankset in black. Makes sense that failures could have prompted the new design. The new NDS crank arm is also much wider at the non-pedal end. I will say that it would have looked much better if the metal part was painted black. I might do that and change the BB to a black one. The silver color looks off.

Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=139324

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by dudemanppl

The Quarq arm and regular arms are different as you can see. All Exogram Red GXP arms will look the same, all Quarq GXP carbon arms will look the same.

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by Frankie - B

Is it just me, or do they look like their Force equivalents? Not saying that they are exactly the same. Just that judging by shape, they look quite alike.
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