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by melchionda

Do we have any collective knowledge regarding the weight of the various electronic groups? i.e. What are the real world weights of:

-SRAM etap (Rim Brake)
-Dura Ace 9100 Di2 (Disk)
-Dura Ace 9100 Di2 (Rim Brake)
-Dura Ace 9000 Di2 (Disk)

Here is my story...

I'm currently running a Disk S-Works Tarmac with DuraAce 9000 Di2. The bike rides beautifully. Only issue is that it's heavier than I'd like it to be. It's 17lbs dry and 18 with my road bandit strapped to the saddle. (Note that the bike also has an S-works SRM too).

My last bike was a Rim Brake Marin Stelvio which had terrible ride quality but was much much lighter.

I'd like a lighter bike. So I guess I have a few options and I was wondering how much weight I would save if I did any of the following:

- Upgrade my S-works Disk Tarmac to Dura Ace 9100 di2
- Change my S-works Disk Tarmac over to Sram etap
- Sell it and go back to a rim brake bike. (I know I could get an S-works Tarmac with etap to weigh about 14lbs.)

Anyway.. i know this is the only forum on the internet where I could potentially get an answer to this problem so what do you guys think?


by Weenie

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