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by Wookski

A buddy has been through 2 sets of mcfk rims due to delamination. They have recently moved from 3K to UD (his were 3k) possibly to solve this issue?

It’s a shame as they built in to a nice 1200g 55mm disco wheelset

by Weenie

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by moyboy

Do you have a photo of your foil disc with the wheels? curious as i have a foil disc with AR45 right now.
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Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:20 pm
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I just went through the same decision making; enve 4.5ARs vs MCFK. There is just not enough data to go with MCFK. Then, I heard MCFK already made some changes and made the wheels a little sturdy around the spoke holes, at the cost of adding 20grs? per wheel (don't quote me on the weight penalty...) You can now buy the earlier versions of them from r2-bike at a discount.

I figured, MCFK is going through the "first version" pains, and ordered ENVEs...
They offered UD version and lighter 3K version from the beginning. Then they stopped offering 3K version (last pieces are at discount at R2-bike), but i haven´t heard it´s for durability reasons. It may have been for manufacturing difficulities or lower demand, who knows:)

I have MCFK 35mm rims, they are tubeless and very light - as a disc wheelset with 240 hubs and CX Rays it is around 1300g, rim around 350g. Holes are not drilled but molded so MCFK recommends them even for CX. So far I am satisfied though I have some doubts that may be I should have gone for deeper profile (at the time I bought them I considered 35mm deep enough - I compared to alu wheels)..I have switched to Scott Foil since then and deeper wheels may be nicer for this type of bike, on the other hand 1300g is 1300g and still some aero..(you always look where to save some weight with disc brake bikes)

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by zappafile123

Enve are not all they are cracked up to be. Having ridden a couple of sets, I'd say their performance is mediocre. That and taking their price and the steady stream of warranties Ive seen working in the industry, they're a brand I'd avoid.

I'm riding Black in Eighty rims brake clinchers and they're really quite good.
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