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by nycjwi

I'm getting back to road biking and looking for a good pair of Road Shoes. I tried the Bontrager XXX in the my LBS and they felt pretty great just not loving the $400 price tag. I also tried the Bontrager Velocis. Those felt almost as good and they are half the price. I realize the XXX are stiffer and lighter but are they worth double the price?? I would love any feedback. Also if I'm spending 400 bucks is there another shoe out there that I should check out?? For me comfort is really important.

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by wheelbuilder

If you are willing to venture a little further into the 400.00 range, Sidi is a very comfortable shoe. Lots of brands are comfortable in that price range. Not sure I would spend that kind of money on a Bontrager shoe regardless of the marketing. They are made in China, and in my opinion, nothing can compare to Italian made shoes. Sidi Wire/Shot, or anything in the Gaerne line. They just feel superior to me, and to some others I would imagine. I'm sure the XXX is a well done shoe, but for that kind of money?

by Weenie

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

I think that the best advice is what your feet tell you. In Holland we have a specialist shop for shoes. Why not look around in your area to check if there is such a shop. Afterall, all feet are different.
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by Broady

S Works or Shimano RC 9 are worth trying on if you're thinking of spending a good amount.

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by upside

I will second the Gaerne shoes and are Italian and built really well .. you can buy them quite cheap. Also the new Shimano S Phyre are quite nice

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by garysol1

I have ridden on the XXX shoe for about a year now and have been happy with it. With that said I am not IN love with it. It is super lite and feels very stiff but I still go back to my old S-Works (2011) shoe. It is just as lite and stiff but the upper material is much more comfortable. Even after a year the Bontrager upper is about as soft as a thin piece of cardboard to me. I will probably be going back to Specialized and the S-Works 7 once they become available again in my size.
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by NS

I changed to Bontrager last year from specialized, the spesh just came up a little bit narrow for me. The bontragers are huge in comparison size for size. I'm now on the Shimano S-Phyre, they seem to sit right in the middle of the 2. They come in at a decent price (in the UK) in the flo yellow and up towards the Bontrager (maybe a little more) in the other colours.

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by spud

Nobody needs to spend $400 on shoes - we could all get by with something half the price. It all depends on what you want. If the $400 shoes get your jazzed about riding again, go for it. If the $400 freaks you out, you won't suffer riding cheaper shoes, so long as they fit.

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by vinuneuro

At $400 there are better shoes. Look at Lake and Bont which have heat moldable soles (at lower price points) to get a really dialed in fit.
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by FIJIGabe

I have them, I love them, but I didn't (and wouldn't) spend $400 on them!
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by nickf

Been using mine for well over a year. Great shoe. Durable, stiff, boa placement is nice, weight is good, fit is spot on. No hot spots anywhere. Now I didn't pay full price, $400 is a lot of scratch for shoes. I wouldn't pay $400 for any shoe. Unfortunately these just don't go on sale.

lone wheeler
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by lone wheeler

I've been a SIDI fan forever but I've just bought my second pair of Bontrager XXX shoes and couldn't be happier. Wider in the toe box than the SIDI's and plenty stiff enough. Probably the best shoes I've ridden in. I paid £155 for my last pair.

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by SilentDrone

I’ll spend 10k on a bike but I can’t imagine spending 400 on shoes. Go figure.

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by TobinHatesYou

Can’t help but think the XXX shoes will be updated soon. They’re a bit old by now.

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by NS

oh and they shouldnt be allowed to call them XXX Light at the most they should be an XX

by Weenie

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