DT Swiss PR1400 Diecut Oxic

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by MyM3Coupe

Was thinking about picking up a set of these for rain days (have Zipp 202s). Anyone here using them? They seem to get fantastic reviews from users.

One hitch is NO Campagnolo compatibility which could be a deal breaker. Wonder if you can simply install a DT Swiss Campagnolo cassette body?

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by Apv

I've commented on them twice so far. Overall I like them both for performance and aesthetics.
Not sure if the ceramic coating actually makes a difference in braking or if its due to the Swissstop pads they recommend.
They chew threw new pads and can leave a layer of blue dust, but this stop after after the initial wear (of around 100-200 km)

Have a video for freehub sound as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br5rE5nx6l0&t=21s



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by MayhemSWE

MyM3Coupe wrote:
Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:30 pm
One hitch is NO Campagnolo compatibility which could be a deal breaker. Wonder if you can simply install a DT Swiss Campagnolo cassette body
Campagnolo cassette body with part number HWYABX00S1296S works according to DT's compatibility charts:
https://d2a13k6araex7u.cloudfront.net/f ... D_2018.pdf
https://d2a13k6araex7u.cloudfront.net/f ... MY2017.pdf

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by Daniel1975

Or simply use a Shimano cassette: 100% compatible with Campy shifting.

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by torinb

I have these, with Campagnolo drivetrain, and Shimano cassette works perfectly. Very good wheels!

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by Kayba

A less happy customer here. I have had the wheels for 4 months now, used them extensively in the rain and have to report that the rear hub makes some kind of a grinding noise as soon as it starts raining. I have been a DT Swiss fan for over a decade but the rear hub is not up the standards we can expect from DT Swiss. As soon as it stops raining, the sound disappears, but this shouldn't happen. The sound comes from a contact between the end cap and the (moving) hub shell (see pic). The paint is starting to wear off at the joint. The rear rim is also a PITA to mount tires tubeless (opposite to the front rim where you can mount a tire tubeless without a any problem). Whenever the rear tire deflates, one side also comes off the bead socket immediately (due to the assymetrical design of the rim causing a very narrow bead socket on one side). To end with a positive note, the Oxic coating is really good as is the braking (with the right brake pads).

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