Giant proto, any link?

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by Beeble

I think Ulle will get one in time for TdF :D

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by spytech

KB wrote:On the TCR Advanced my LBC has told me that their contacts in Giant said that the Advanced will definitely be produced this year, but they don't think in time for the TdF. Probably August. SO, not sure where the story came from that it was only a one-off. I think they will be able to sell as many as they can produce.

great news, i guess we will be upgrading soon, at least by years end. what do you think KB? any word if they are going to keep the weight to 804 grams?

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

AFAIK, this is the only one made for this year. Don't know what ulrich will be riding this year. It will make no sence for him to have such a light frame. His bike will have to stay under the 6.8 kilo UCI barrier. Plus, he won't like to have a bie that is as stif as a wet noodle!
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by Joel

I rather think Ullie will ride a standard Giant Composite, or maybe a slightly heavier, but superstiff one, since he loves superstiff bikes.
Ulrich isn't really a weight weenie

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by Beeble

By looking at his pot belly, it would be reasonable to make such an assumption :D :D

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by KB

Spytech - The guy from Giant actually lives in my home town but works all over Europe and attends most of the shows etc. So, he's a regular visitor to my LBC.

My understanding is that the the protoype and actual frames will be the same. I know it seems radical at such a low weight, but Giant appear to have invested a lot of time and money in to their top end frames. Plus, I don't here much about broken frames and I'm very pleased with the one I have.

The same source reckoned it would be later in the year - Aug/Sept, but my guess - like someone else stated - will be that we will see some in the TdF. Would imagine it will be in the mountain stages. Mind you they will probably have to weigh down the other components to get it UCI legal, especially if Jan uses Lightweight wheels.

Now there is a sexy combo!!!

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by Tsielio

once used the advanced already in last year tour of spain

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by willf03

As Joel aready said, it would make no sense for Ullrich to ride the new frame in the tour. The old frame is surely much stiffer, and his current bike is already easily at the UCI limit, especially with Lightweights!

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by bobalou

I believe this was hashed out before, ad-nausium! I'm sure eventually there will be a professional bike magazine or website that will do a scoop on the new telecom bikes .. but my bet is that Ullrich's bike will be a custom one-off probably made by Giant exactly according to his specs. ... sc&start=0

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