AX Lightness Rigid Stem vs Extralite

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by da123

Has anyone used both stems? I've tried the Extralite OC Roadstem before, but found it a bit too flexy, and a bit high maintenance (susceptible to creaking unless very precisely torqued, and then prone to loosening off). I appreciate that the practical points may be addressed with the Hyperstem, but it looks from the FWB stem test that if anything, it will be less stiff again.

How stiff have people found the AX stem? Is it 'fit and forget' (subject to being properly installed of course)?

Any feedback much appreciated.

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by 4ibanez

Yes it's stiff enough. Compared to my 3t ARX team (solid 130g aluminium) on my Tarmac it's maybe slightly less stiff, although I've never perceived 'flex' despite mine being 120mm. It seems to maybe transmit slightly less road buzz (could be placebo effect). I'd say it's a fit and forget part - I'd highly recommend this stem.

For some context I'm usually 76-78kg and although I don't do power meters (so I can't quantify), I like to grind a big gear and yank the drops a fair bit. I've been using this stem for over 3 years now.

by Weenie

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