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by clasix

Hi Michael,
I have experience with Rose, just not the new version, but thought I would share my 2cents anyhow,

A few photos:

Bought the previous version X-Lite 4000 in a size 55 eqiupped with the Dura Ace 9100 and Mavic R-SYS SLR and Ritchey Evo Curve 40cm bars. I furthermore added Tunes 9g bottle cages, my Favero Assioma DUO pedals and swapped for lighter Vitoria latex tubes and it came in at 6.35kg. I only ride with the Mavic wheels in the mountains (which is only a couple of times a year unfortunately as I live in Denmark), and at home I ride it with my 50mm carbon clinchers. Obviously the weight goes upf compared to the RSYS', as it stands with the 50'es it's 6.55kg (including an element Bolt).

So weight wise I was pleased and the ride is the best I've ever had :-) and have rode it for the 2018 season and I'm soooo much looking forward to spring

Btw: I'm 180 tall and 85 cm inseam and I would pick the size 55 any day again


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by dooglehead2

I just received a Rose X-Lite Six Red delivered to the US, and I thought I would share how pricing works if buying in the US because it is a little complicated.

The advertised price was €4199 (after a €500 discount because Red is being replaced with AXS). Because I am not in the EU, the 19% VAT was removed from the price, so the total was €4199/1.19 = €3528.57. I was also charged €16 to switch to an 11-32 cassette and €250 for DHL shipping. In total, I paid Rose €3794.57 or $4327.67.

DHL initially tried charging me an 11% duty with harmonization code 8712.00.4800, but I disputed that because it meets the requirements for 8712.00.2500 ("Bicycles having both wheels exceeding 63.5 cm in diameter if weighing less than 16.3 kg complete without accessories and not designed for use with tires having a cross-sectional diameter exceeding 4.13 cm") which has a 5.5% duty. Including DHL's fees, I was charged $258.50 for duty, so in total I payed $4586.17 to receive the bike, which is ironically less than what someone in the EU would pay (Although technically, I'm also supposed to pay use tax to my state for it).

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the bike, although I've only ridden it on a trainer so far. I wish it had direct mount brakes though, which I assumed it had when I ordered. I don't remember the exact weight before installing pedals and other components, but I think it was around 6.25kg (size 55 with an 11-32 cassette and weighed with a cheap hanging scale) compared to the advertised weight of 6.1kg (with an 11-28 cassette).

by Weenie

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