Sram Red crank problem

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by Mattbl

Hi! There's something loose inside the left crank arm of my Sram Red Carbon left crank, it's definitely that as I've taken it off and if you tip it one way then the other you can hear it fall each time. It's giving me the sh1ts!! Has anyone had this?
Anyway I was thinking about drilling 1 hole in it say 3-4mm on the inside to see if I can get it out, the putting a plug in it. What do you think? I was thinking up the bottom bracket end of the arm.
I'm thinking just one hole then inspecting the crank arm regularly for stress?

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by mattr

I'd be warrantying it.
The strength of the crank is pretty much dependant on having a complete surface there. Putting a hole will not be good.....

by Weenie

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by sungod

if it's in warranty, get it replaced, cranks aren't supposed to have loose bits inside

if it's out of warranty, leave it alone as if it lasted this long it's unlikely to be a real problem

i wouldn't drill it, it's a component subject to large forces, but if you really think you must then a much smaller hole and squirt some glue in to stop whatever it is moving, but personally i'd just leave it

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by Carcinogent

My SRAM Red cranks certainly do not have rattling bits inside. I am going to second what the others said - if in warranty have it replaced. If not, it lasted that long so keep an eye for some problems such as cracks etc.

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by Kumppa

I have very small object loose on my 2012-2013 Sram exogram crankset but I can't even heard it when riding. Sram confirmed its not dangerous. I bought mine secondhand like 3 years ago so warranly was expired. Still riding it without problems.

If you have warrantly left it I would try to get new crankset but otherwise just ride it.

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