New cannondale SYSTEMSIX road frame!

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

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by darnellrm

Given the volume of the frame, I would say that 1100g for a 56cm frame with paint and hardware is VERY optimistic....

by Weenie

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by mrlobber

They said it's 7.8 kg for the Ultegra Di2 version, obviously, without pedals, thus, 8kg with them. Sounds legit.

Still, my heart is against riding a 8kg bike anywhere else but a flat race or a short commute.
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by bilwit

Monkeyfudger wrote:
Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:43 pm
That bulge on the headtube where a rim brake might go is ugly enough to make baby Jesus cry, I kinda hope there is a rim brake version just to make sense of how horrible it is...
yep, the whole thing is ugly

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by gbrnole

even a good paint job won't save that beast. looks like hot garbage.

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by Hexsense

When are we going to see someone slap Lefty fork on this frame to make it an ULTIMATE Cannondale bike?

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by ParisCarbon

Whos willing to bet as soon as the road goes up hill in the tour, everyone is on the Supersix despite the claim...

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by themidge

Hexsense wrote:
Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:32 pm
When are we going to see someone slap Lefty fork on this frame to make it an ULTIMATE annondale bike?
FIFY :wink:

In all serious, I think it will look good with the right parts and a super pro set up (and a custom paint job to fix the writing). However, like the Venge Vias, it's place as a mamil-wagon will make most builds look totally abysmal.

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by northwestern

At 8kg might as well get a cross bike at a quarter of the price.

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by tarmackev

I’ve been a big Cannondale fan for years but that just looks a bit average.
Dull colours, just doesn’t do it for me.
Be interested to see how it rides.

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by glam2deaf

I'm a fan. I already own a hollowgram srm, so the non hi-mods are looking appealing. The DA9100 looks to be good buying for a race ready package.

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by glepore

Wow. Lots of hate here and elsewhere on the interwebs. I get that its not particularly "pretty" but I suspect that its pure function. The cabling looks more livable than on the major competitors.

I'm hoping Damon chimes in here at some point about some of the finer points of the design.
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by DamonRinard


Not sure if anyone's posted the link to the technical paper: ... epaper.pdf

I hope those who are interested in performance will take a look.
The section "Cycling Performance" reviews the basic equations of road cycling.
The section "Aerodynamics" should interest riders who are into the engineering.
The section "On Road Performance" might be interesting to riders who don't care as much about engineering. It lists several riding scenarios and shows where the SystemSix is faster and slower than a traditional light bike such as the SuperSix EVO.

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by CallumRD1

Thanks for posting the white paper, but the large image on page 4 has the end of the crank arm cut off! Someone got a little too enthusiastic with photoshop!

by Weenie

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by Discodan

It certainly seems to be dividing in opinion. Sure it’s not the prettiest thing but better than a lot of others on the market (I’m looking at you Cérvelo).

It would seem it’s been led by the engineers not the designers so a classic case of function first, then form. It’s actually growing on me but not quite as sharp as the Aeroad.

1100g for the frame is very realistic but some of the built up weights are a bit disappointing, I’d be hoping for low 7’s for a disk aero bike with good finishing kit

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