New cannondale SYSTEMSIX road frame!

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Yep, plenty of differences e.g. downtube (Cannondales follows the wheel) and seatstays (Cannondales are thinner and more angular)

by Weenie

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by jimaizumi

Reminds me of the Colango Concept.. and I didn't buy the Concept...
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by C36

Boy that's ugly and I can't remember saying this of a Cannondale Frame (not talking paints....) in a very long time... I had more in mind something like the latest Specialized... few days ago I was wondering if I would regret buying a SS Evo2 HM to replace my stolen Evo-1 HM.

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by Djkinsella89

While kind of unremarkable compared to the holiness that was the last systemsix, I wouldn’t say it’s ugly at this point. But oh my god, the way the vision bar/stem interacts with the headtube/headset/toptube is very unsettling! WHO WOULD LET THAT HAPPEN?!??

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by jlok

Let's be hopeful and wish the Vision stuff is just a test bed.... and the final production integrated bar/stem is yet to appear.... still time........
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by garjo

IMO it was a big marketing mistake show it now (even only for some test-race purpose) in its prototype version because people have really high espectation from a new Cannondale aero road bike, they would like something new and different in shape from other existing aero bikes.. then that simple black paint-skeme doesn't help at all!
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by Shrike

Looks fine, not a fan of the top tube shape, makes it looks like an early gen aero frame somewhat. Definitely not seeing anything hype about it right now, which is unfortunate considering it's a 2018 first entry. You'd have wanted to see them come into the game with a long running development that was a bit special rather than a me-too half effort.

Early days though, but first impression isn't great. Favourite feature so far is the down tube where it bulges out to protect the bottles, like an F10.

Screen grab from GCN, all pic angles from the roadie sites so far have been rubbish..

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by bikewithnoname

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by mvnsnd

I'll give them credit for what seems to be a nice transition between the fork and the downtube. This is an area that most seem to either do pretty well, or not well at all. Especially on standard non-aero frames.

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by Devastazione

bikewithnoname wrote:
Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:44 pm
Me too. Wow, SS selling numbers must have taken a bad hit if they decided to finally surrender to lowered chianstays. Next one will be the Madone for sure. So glad I've bought a Colnago C64,but I'm just a 45 years old MAMIL..

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by moyboy

Can Cannondale just pick more than one color vs. just one color and slap cannondale on the side?

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Dan Gerous
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by Dan Gerous

moyboy wrote:
Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:43 pm
Can Cannondale just pick more than one color vs. just one color and slap cannondale on the side?
It's just a pre-release / pre-production frameset, they usually don't bother with graphics for these except the SuperSlice for some reason. They were often all green with a simple black Cannondale logo in the last few years (Evo 2, last two Synapse generations, F-Si, Scalpel Si...). I like the all green paint schemes though, there's just too many all black bikes everywhere.

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by Noctiluxx

Pretty bland.
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by wrenegade

Devastazione wrote:
Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:35 pm
bikewithnoname wrote:
Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:44 pm
Me too. Wow, SS selling numbers must have taken a bad hit if they decided to finally surrender to lowered chianstays. Next one will be the Madone for sure.
Going to be a little difficult to integrate the isospeed decoupler with dropped seat stays isn't it?

WRT to the Systemsix, I'm a little underwhelmed right now, but that's purely based on looks. If it's super fast, or super light, or super comfy (or a combination of those) then the looks might be something to get beyond. A proper paint job would help too. It's a hell of a lot better looking than a Venge Vias, but not as nice as "aero-optimized" all-around frames like the Tarmac SL6 or Ultimate CF SLX (in my opinion).

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by willmac

Dan Mclay is the rider here also. He’s 187cm so this is most likely a 58 also. There’s not many frames that look that nice once they get that big. I’d like to see it in a 56 which would close up the gap behind the head tube and shorten the distance between to tube and the dropped stays

by Weenie

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