Canyon Aeroad Disc - Tire Clearance

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by Bordcla


Are those swirly graphics stickered above the rim surface or are they applied and then clear coated over? I'd probably remove them when I get my bike. I just don't know if that's doable on these particular wheels?

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by cpark

Wow! That's awesome! Are you saying, though, that the 28 Contis are even bigger than those 32s? How tall are those 32s on the 17mm internal rims?

Hutchinson run true to size.
I have a set of them in 32mm and they are almost same size the GP 4000s 28mm.

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by dcorn

Just so the questions here are answered:

The swirly graphics on the stock Aeroad Reynolds wheels are painted on, but not under clearcoat. Nothing short of sanding is going to get them off.

As for the Hutchinson tires, the 32c Sectors measured 32mm wide on a 21mm internal width wheel, and 30mm wide on a 17c internal width. They do bulge out a bit on the narrower wheel, but I haven't had any problems with it. I did a road race on the bike last week which had a mile of gravel and everything performed flawlessly. The bike was soooo fast and smooth on the gravel.

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by Bordcla

I wonder if all of these bikes are the same regardless of size or if this can differ between sizes or manufacturing variances, but on my size L frame, 28 Contis do fit, but there is so little clearance radially between the tire and the seat tube, right around the lower rear bottle cage bolt, that the tiniest of pebble stuck in the tire will rub.

How is it on other Aeroad frames?

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by Bordcla

I can confirm that the 28 Conti's still barely fit on 25mm internally wide Enve 4.5 ARs, but again there is almost no radial clearance to the seat tube right around the rear bottle cage bolts. Barely more than 1mm, if that.

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by krogec

Contis in size 28mm fit my "M" size frame perfectly fine. Inner Width of wheels: 17 mm, inner tubes 25-30mm
I could fit even a larger tire, there is still a whole lot space everywhere. Will upload a photo tomorrow.

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