Removing an FSA BB30 to BSA bottom bracket adapter - anyone tried it?

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by srshaw

I think it was a wise choice not to buy the frame. I bet that'd be really hard to remove. I think the praxis type adapters are much better which expand as you tighten them.

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by Neckkoss

I had the adapter remove out one of my frames with cold temp, I left it outside over night, as opposite from heat that make the alloy expand the cold I guess make it contract a bit and when tapped with the mallet the adapter broke free, also the amount of 609 used wasn’t much so that may help too

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by Weenie

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by alcatraz

I didn't buy it because of the adapter. The seller wasn't interested of selling seems.

The adapter is kind of a weakness to me, but to the seller it's probably working perfectly, so couldn't see eye to eye here.

Good idea with the cold. That would probably help. Pity I can't fit the bike in the freezer and winter is almost over. :lol:


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