Respraying a Carbon frame.

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by IrrelevantD

Jenmoss wrote:
Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:29 pm
Plastic dip
I try to throw this out there every time I see someone asking what color to paint their open mold Chinese carbon frame. I've had the same 5 or so coats of it on the front of my car protecting the paint from rock chips for about 5 or 6 years now.
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by bremerradkurier

Check with a local custom motorcycle painter and possibly get a deal painting with the same color they're using on a motorbike?

by Weenie

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by dkrissinger

I've repainted several carbon frames, and I would go with the following suggestions ( is a great source for all this stuff)
1. Airbrush and small air compressor.....not expensive and a must.
2. Buy high quality urethane based paint in 4oz ready to spray bottles. Transparent candy colors look awesome on nude carbon if done proper. If you are going to do a neon fade, use a white base below the neon color.
3. You can use a 2k clear in a can...its expensive but it looks awesome.
4. Buy decals from velocals, and apply on top of clearcoat.....easy peasy.

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by wjmarks

OK - I've done some research on this Plastic Dipping and it looks the job and if I don't like the outcome I can peel it off again.

So i've ordered up the Plasti Dip and am going to spray it Matte Black for starters to see how it looks followed by the Chameleon Turquoise/Silver lacquer to take it to the next level if I think the matte black is a bit drab.

All in all it has cost me about 6 hours of my time so far - stripping the frame etc and about £50 (GBP) in paint and materials.

Hopefully the cans will arrive tomorrow and I can spend the weekend having fun and no doubt I will be a smarter man by the end of it all.

Worse case scenario will be I dont like it and have to peel it off and rethink the project.

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I will post pics when i'm done!

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by AZR3

Post up some pics of the bare frame before if you can, I’d like to see (and I’m sure other would too) how it looks before plasti dip

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by wjmarks

I will do - it looks a bit dull as obviously its been sanded down but i'll try to give it a wipe with water and take a pic before it dries so as you can see what it's like.

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