How can I choose a proper top cover for my bike?

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by Aya


I ride 2016' Cervelo R5, and I'm using the headset top cover which came with my bike.

It looks like 7~8mm tall, and above it, I placed 15mm spacers.

These days, I'm considering changing the top cover to a taller one, then eliminating some spacers. Maybe a top cap of 15mm height is enough?

So, I searched for top covers on the internet, considering the conditions below.
- the same brand(FSA) as the present top cover
- for 1-1/8
- 15mm height
- cabon material

I found some items, FSA H2100B, FSA H2128, FSA H2169B...

Then, whats the differences between those top covers? they are all made by FSA, used for 1-1/8 steerer tubes, 15mm tall, and made by carbon.

At least, H2128 has a little bit different shape, but the other two have similar shape. Why are there such items of different model numbers, which looks the same to me?

Are some of them incompatible with my bike? If so, how can I choose the right one for my bike?

by Weenie

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