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by spartan

the problem with specialized with the huge price disparity between new tarmac vs giant/trek/canyon. sorry if you don't get a 'bro' deal specialized are not competive.
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by TonyM

(Spesh) Marketing is expensive (Sagan, Quicksteps, Hans-Bora teams,...) and has for a goal to achieve an higher pricing.

by Weenie

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by guyc

It’s almost like some companies aim for different demographics and markets.

Markets are not monolithic.

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by zappafile123

ichobi wrote:
Fri May 11, 2018 11:15 am
I used to ride specialized hate wagon but after riding sl6 (bough it myself) and interviewing peter denk the guy behind the design, i change my view completely. ...
Sl6 is really good compared to other top model from competing brands. I cant say the same for their older bikes. The Vias rim rode well but has too many compromises.
Pretty sure on another thread you said you thought the SL6 was a disappointing ride and that it didn't feel as though it accelerated very well (or something along those lines)...
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by ichobi

That was Cipollini new RB1K. If i said anything about SL6 acceleration, it's a tad slower than some climby bike like Specialissima, as to be expected from slim and truncated downtube, but in no way disaponiting. But let's get back to the aero topic.

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by Beaver

I guess the aero topic will be more interesting with the next test again. :D

What we learned: Always check, which wheel/tire combo is used as it has a great influence, and tube shape (Kamm tail) seems to improve aerodynamics more than pure tube width (and wide square downtubes assure worst aerodynamics).

Edit: There was a typo in Tour Mag. 3/2018, the Rose X-Lite Four was 222 watts not 212... So one watt more than the Tarmac SL and that makes more sense to me. :mrgreen:

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by Philbar72


Whatever the variations in test methodology, they were probably close to the end of the scale that was optimal for the F10 in that particular test earlier that got a lot of Pinarello fanboys excited.
It's just not in the same ballpark as true aerobikes. More of an all-arounder with some nods to aero like SL6 or R5. Super competent bike but not an aerobike.

things are getting close though. the F10 is marketed as a bike that does everything well and has possibly more advanced aero features than the generic climbing bikes. generationally the latest Ultimate cf slx/ R5/Tarmac are all iterations of the climbing bike, that have more aero features than bikes of 2-3 years ago.

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by gbrnole

Tour also tested the Pinarello Gan and it too had pretty much the same aero results as the F10.

It's tough to draw any real conclusions from the Tour tests since their conditions seem to change a bit each time but they do often include a Canyon Aeroad in the tests so it's a reasonable benchmark to compare others by. The Gan was tested in the same issue as the Allez Sprint. Gan had near identical numbers to the Aeroad, the Allez Sprint was about 8-10w higher across the board when fitted with the 404's but would get a bit closer at low yaw if it was fitted with an aero handlebar.

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by Imaking20

Can anyone point me to where to actually buy this particular publishing? The website keeps saying wheel comparison but the graphics are bike comparisons. I'd like to actually see the wheel comparison info..

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by bllx

Imaking20 wrote:
Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:12 am
Can anyone point me to where to actually buy this particular publishing? The website keeps saying wheel comparison but the graphics are bike comparisons. I'd like to actually see the wheel comparison info..
Are your translating through google or similar? Rad can mean both bike and wheel.

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by spdntrxi

lots of good wheels...3T Discus 60 ! but it's ~200g more then CLX50... so I still like CLX50 for weight and aeroness.

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