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by nickstea

My wife has been trying to get into cycling for sometime and is certainly improving. However, she continuously has issues clipping in when she has to do it fast (if light turns red as she’s pulling up for instance).
She has hand me down look pedals that have a tendency to flip over and stay upsideown and she has trouble getting into them quickly. Would speedplay pedals be a good way to go as you can clip into them no matter which direction they are in.
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by alcatraz

Is it too soon to go clipless perhaps?

Mtb pedals should be a bit easier.

I also noticed look pedals are not returning to the same position. Maybe try a lighter grease and lower preload on those bearings or switch to a free spinning look pedal. I had for instance some wellgo xpedo that were very nice and solid, plus free spinning look compatible.


by Weenie

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by shimmeD

After having used a number of pedal systems and I've settled on Shimano SPD-SL. It 'falls' into position for easy location to clip in, and positively engages. A fit-and-forget pedal.
I won't recommend Speedplay, for all the above (not) and more.
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by stockae92

How about try something like Shimano MTB dual sided pedal to start with?

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by nickstea

stockae92 wrote:
Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:55 am
How about try something like Shimano MTB dual sided pedal to start with?
Yeah I was thinking of something duel sided, I’ll prob go with mtb pedals. Didn’t hunk of that.
Out of curiosity are speedplay duel sided?

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by Geoff

+1 on Shimano SPDs. I started my boy on them when he was 8, too. Sometimes, you need to use your Dremel to clear-away some rubber on the shoe to make sure that they have a really clean entry, otherwise it can be frustrating.

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by shimmeD

Speedplay are dual-sided but they don't fall into position like SPD. I don't rate the Speedplay for ease of entry.
Less is more.

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by silvalis

+1 SPDs like M520. And a stiff shoe.
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by BikeKingV1r

I would really look at TIME pedals. Super easy in with little to no pressure and easy out. They are on sale right now too so that will help try them out.

In the same boat as you, wanted the wife in cycling she was clear that it needed to be easy. I tried her on look because I had them already but not that easy to clip in and clear are hard to walk in, went to Speedplay because of the double side but pressure way to high for her to clip in, someone suggested TIME and we are both converted. Huge platform, easiest to clip into, super light, cleats have walking bits in them, and look great too.

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by RussellS

Double sided Shimano SPD mountain bike pedals. $25 And sandals such as Shimano sandals for the SPD cleat. $75

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by AJS914

Take the wife to a local school playground and just have her practice clipping in and out, stopping and starting about a hundred times. She would gain like 50 rides worth of experience in 20 minutes.

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by bilwit

The latest iteration of speedplay is very easy to clip in/out and don't have to worry about flipping them over and the walkable versions are also very convenient, even when you're not walking on them it gives a good grippy platform to push off from from a stop. V1 or whatever it was 3+ years ago was a nightmare until it got worn in.

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by Rick

I've ridden with all the major pedal systems.
Speedplay is by far the easiest to engage. You just step down on them, they don't have to be in any particular position. They self-rotate and align. Just step down. It could not possible get any simpler! (If you are having trouble, or it requires a lot of pressure, then your cleat is setup wrong. ---that might be a separate discussion.)

That being said, my wife is also a clipless pedal novice, and we bought her a Shimano "Click'r" pedal set, because it offers a clip-in side and a flat side so you can just use it as a non-engaging pedal if you want. She felt more comfortable that way. ... gKfnfD_BwE

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by moyboy

SPDs would be a good way to start and get use to clipping in.

by Weenie

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by Mr.Gib

Some Looks are a problem, there was a batch of Keos with stiff seals that never rotated properly. Shimano is your best bet. Speedplay will likely mean you will deal with other issues. No reason to go mtb.

Is you wife sitting down while trying to clip in? A lot easier when standing up. Same for stopping and clipping out. Sooner or later those that sit will fall and break their arm, wrist, bike, etc.
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