Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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Stunning paint

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Denavelo wrote:
Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:11 pm
I bought my SV back in 2012 I would say... I had posted on VS forum that I wanted one and Sacha reached out to me via forum mail (Classy).
I purchased a CX bike first, and this was my first dive into the ISP somewhat. I had a Noah Ridley with ISP, but never built it up. So I didn't know how much post I needed.

Needless to say, the CX bike was too short and I ended up selling it after a repaint from Vanilla. Sacha then told me he was sitting on a Surprise Me 2011 frame if I were interested. I bought it! I still own this bike to this day and it's by far one of the best riding bikes I've ever owned. I've owned lots of bikes and the SV isn't going anywhere. I recently got a Firefly #419, and this bike is pure bliss.. Ever since I bought it, I haven't even looked at my Speedvagen... So last week, I tossed on my Schmolke 45 TLO wheels on the SV and took it for a spin. The first thing I noticed after a 6 month absence was, "Damn this bike is fast!" The speedvagen just rides on rails and it's a sensation I can't describe in words at the moment. I do a loop in LA (Big Tujunga Road), and it's mostly rollers with a few sustained short climbs. The speedvagen eats this loop up for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

This bike simply bangs on rollers with immense speed, and on long climbs it sustains a solid and planted feel the entire climb. I've had an 11lb BH Ultralight Evo and that thing could climb like a goat, but the SV didn't slack behind much.. Granted my SV is a few pounds heavier, the way it carries speed and maintains momentum is like no other bike I've owned. I was seriosly nervous on how it would ride after riding my Firefly for 6 months, which weighs 12lbs... 5 miles into my ride on the SV last week, it was all smiles. Maybe it's the earlier years that have that special soul, but this one is a keep for sure. I thin KarlC has one of the earlier SV bikes with the non Enve topper... This frames are solid, but were way heavier than my year. The Ritchey topper was a solid piece of tank on the frame.

I never swalloed the Speedvagen pill that some people have, to assosciate the price of the bike with some sort of elitest attitude on the road. I don't see how this brands garnishes so much hate either. I personally know some of the people that work there, just from years of comunicating with them and my friend moved to OR to work there. All of the staff is first class and extremely cordial and professional. At least from my experiences with them. My frame is of the 2011 vintage. From my receollection, this was the era where Sacha and Mike Desalvo were the two individuals welding and doing the frames. A mutual friend designed the 2011 SM scheme, so it holds a special value in my heart. I'll never bash something I've never personally tried, or dislike someone I personally never met. It seems like the people who bash SV bikes, have never owned one or ridden one for an extended amount of time.

Just my 2¢
I have to agree that SpeedVagens are pure joy to own and ride.

My is not a true WW build but that does not stop me from enjoying it one bit.

https://weightweenies.starbike.com/foru ... speedvagen


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I've noticed these bikes truly come to life with deep sections wheels. The speed they hold is riduclous!
When I ride my Schmolke 30 TLO wheels on this bike, it becomes one of the best all arounder style bikes. Flying up hills and crazy descending speeds.
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Been looking very much forward to getting a fit done at The Service Course for my first Speedvagen. Sorry if OT, but can't help the excitement.

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