Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by michel2

I've seen some shocking welding on stinner frames and on more than one frame ! two company's that build in steel and are consistently good are 44 bikes and firefly, with saying that I'm not sure if 44 would take on a roadbike. but thas okay because from a mechanical point I don't thik it gets much better than a firefly xcr.

in regards to value for money, road cycling has overtaken golf a long time ago each to their own (-:

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by cassard

Firefly does mainly Titanium bikes btw. Unless you ask by email, it's not even on their website that they do steel.

I guess I'm lucky to have perfect a beautiful weldings on my stinner.

by Weenie

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by morrisond

You can't really option Stinner's up to $8,000-9,000 USD either - at that level Welds should be perfect.

At $2,000-$3,000 you shouldn't expect perfection. I have seen some Stinners with not Perfect welds - but they are no worse than SV.

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by Broady

I dunno, for 3k I'd personally expect pretty close to perfection. I'm an OK welder and I've seen very expensive frames with welding visually on my level and worse yet I wouldn't even consider making a frame for sale.

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by euan

I mean they are still decent welds, just always appears to me at certain points in the beads it ends up looking lumpy, I'm assuming where the weld is stop/starting.

I've seen SV's with ground smooth welds.

What I'd be more worried about on a $3k frame is the amount of fine orange peel I can see in the hard to polish areas, or even head tubes.
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