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by bobones

I stripped my bike and weighted everything so I am looking for some places for cost effective weight reduction. It's a 2013 Scott CR1 Pro with eTap and Zipp finishing kit. I have heavy 50mm carbon clinchers running tubeless so lighter wheels is an obvious change. Thinking Ryde Pulse Comp/Bitex/CX-Rays at around 1350g. Anything else? I may treat myself to a new frameset but hard to find anything within my budget (£2k) lighter than the Scott. Tifosi Mons maybe?

Code: Select all

Frame	Scott CR1 Pro 54 (M) 2012	980
Fork	Scott CR1 Pro 2012	379
Headset (incl bung + cups)	Ritchie	122
Stem	Zipp Service Course SL 110	141
Bars	Zipp Contour SL	187
BB Cable Guide		7
Seatpost	Zipp SL Speed 31.8 300mm	214
Saddle	Selle Italia SLR TT	149
Seatpost Clamp		16
Brake Calipers	SRAM Red Aero Link	250
Brake Cables	Clarks	93
Brake bolts	Steel	7
Bar Tape	Zipp	65
Shifters	SRAM eTAP	264
Blips	SRAM eTAP	11
Front Derailleur	SRAM eTAP	165
Rear Derailleur	SRAM eTAP WiFli	244
BB Cups	SRAM GXP	100
Chainset	SRAM Red 22 Black GXP 52-36	600
Pedals	Look Keo Blade (Steel Axle)	228
Chain	SRAM Red 22	229
Cassette	SRAM Force 11-28	254
Skewers	Zipp Ti	69
Wheelset	Zuus 50 Carbon Clinchers	1745
Front Tyre 	Hutch Fusion 5 Perf TLR 25	255
Rear Tyre	Hutch Fusion 5 Perf TLR 25	255
Rim Tape, Sealant + Valves		130
Front Cage	Elite Vico Carbon	25
Rear Cage	Elite  Cannibal (Fibre Resin)	43
Cage Bolts	Steel	19
Out Front Mount	Garmin	27
Total		7273

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by Rudi

As you already know, the wheels on their own will pretty much do it.
You could cut the weight of the cages just be replacing the rear one - why the mix of heavy and light?
Other cheap stuff - there are lighter skewers. Is your seatpost cut down inside the frame? If so and it is just a 31.8mm round seatpost? If so, then cheap, lighter ones can be had on ebay. Have you trimmed the excess off the steerer tube?
I don't know whether that bar tape is heavy or light, but another area to look at, as are the brake cables maybe - ilinks used to be all the rage here.
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by Weenie

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by deano87

wheels actually seem quite heavy.

Anything else is going to be quite expensive.
Have you thought about Look keo blade Titanium axles? That'll save you 40odd grams

Lighter cages - another 30odd grams

Titanium Cage bolts, stem bolts etc - 15odd grams

There are other ways, but then you start getting into the expensive territory (stems, bars, seatposts etc)
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by alcatraz

Seatpost wheels stem and cassette are overweight...

Easy 200+gr saved without touching the wheels. After upgrading wheels you have some more.


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by Wookski

Come on, you’re going to have to do some work. Take your spreadsheet, add the following columns: alternative component, weight, price, weight saving & $ per gram. Sort the spreadsheet by $ per gram, open your wallet and embark on the path to salvation.

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by StevenH72

Frameset options, to consider with the Tifosi - Canyon Ultimate CF SLX. 1.075kg for the frameset, so 15g heavier than the Tifosi and it's £200 more, but both give you a saving of ~300g.

I had the same dilemma as you with wheels. I ended up going for AForce AL33's, Tune Mig/Mag Hubs and CX Rays. They come in at 1,475g, but have genuine aero credentials. Adding 100g, but gaining aero credentials was a decent compromise for me.

You should be aiming for 6.5kg not 7 ;)

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by fordred

stem abt 40g there.
Seatpost is the next. 50g or so.
Cages another 50g or so.
Cage bolts 15g
pedals, Blade Ti 190g, so 40g savings. speedplay ti is 130g, so it's 100g savings.
cassette, 70g if change to red.

So over 300g without touching the wheels.

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by bobones

Lots of great advice, thanks!

Wheels are going to have the biggest impact obviously. I like the heavy Zuus clinchers for their aero qualities and looks, but I've had them for over 2 years so a set of climbing wheels will be a good contrast. A cheap option would be Cero AR24 @ 1460g for £190, but I think I'll push the boat out for a set of Ryde Pulse Comps at 1300g for £350.

I broke one of my Elite Vico Carbon cages trying to squeeze in a tool capsule, which is why there is one heavy cage. I like the look of the Vico cages, so I'm in 2 minds about buying 2 new lighter ones or getting another Vico.

I'll definitely swap to lighter cage bolts, brake cables, bar tape and skewers, but I kind of like my Zipp stem and post even though they're quite bulky so they might stay for a while yet.

Cheap eBay carbon saddle is another option but for 50g or so I might stick with the one I've got.

Red cassette and Look Blade Ti's are quite an expensive upgrade, but definitely tempting.

Any suggestions for good value, lightweight stem and post options?

Click for latest version of spreadsheet

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by Stolichnaya

That headset looks on paper like a boat anchor too.
Take it out and see if you can source something lighter. At least the bung / top cap and bolt can be lightened up with something from Carbon-Ti, MCFK or Extralite for a reasonable price.

Edit - as for the post and stem, you could look at KCNC posts which are a great value for their weight and for the stem do some reading on the Kalloy Uno stems - very affordable, very light.

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by bobones

Thanks again. I'll definitely take a closer look at the headset and break down the weight into individual components and see what can be done.

I've now fitted lighter bar tape, cage bolts, and brake cables and replaced the heavy rear cage with a matching carbon Vico and I'm back to sub 16 lbs, which is were I was when I ran SRAM Rival and DA C24s on this frame.

Of the new stuff, I am impressed with the Clarks Zero G brake cables as the alloy outers are genuinely 50% lighter than standard outers and the cost is very reasonable. Wiggle didn't have black in stock so i went for red, but it looks a bit naff to be honest.

I knew the Deda tape wouldn't be 29g but 50g is still pretty light and it's inexpensive enough but way too short to do a figure of 8 around the hoods.

Now for the 7kg barrier ...

I've been humming and hawing about a new set of wheels, and the more I read about aero vs weight then it seems I will be faster in almost every realistic scenario with my 1.75kg 50mm carbon wheels than any kind of super light climbing wheel. Maybe I can sell these wheels and buy a lighter set of 50mm, but in the meantime I can get a respectable weight saving with the 1456 g Cero AR24s for only £190, so I've jumped on these now that they are back in stock. These will do as an occasional/spare set and give me something different to experience. I should have the wheels tomorrow, and I'll get some lighter skewers to go with them. This will drop me down below 7 kg and then sub 15 lbs should be within reach!

Click image for latest spreadsheet


I'll need a new a cassette to make swapping wheels a bit easier and I'm finding the draw of the £200 Red hard to resist. Would I lose out on much by going for a cheaper DA cassette bearing in mind I'm running eTap? My pedals are still in great nick so maybe a Ti spindle transplant would be a better option, but then I'd worry about them snapping ... ouch!

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by alcatraz

Wheels, cassette, seatpost, stem, skewers

These are the items I'd change.

Brake housing 26gr/m and shifter housing 20gr/m is pretty cheap and out there.

Titanium bolts where possible.


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by bobones

Thanks. I've just fitted the Cero wheels with the Maxxis Padrone tyres and titanium skewers and I'm now down to 6.86 kg / 15.1 lbs. Happy with that for now, although the bike doesn't look anywhere near as cool without the 50mm black hoops. Still feels heavy to pick up, so how low do you have to go before a bike starts to feel "wow!" light?

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by alcatraz

Just pick up a non-ww friend's bike, then your bike. Cheapest wow feeling... :lol:


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by Swannie

Having owned the same frame, my advice is stop putting money in useless weight loss.
Instead i would go for a better frame.
Swopping to a Tarmac was a huge improvement.

by Weenie

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by bobones

Swannie wrote: My advice is stop putting money in useless weight loss.
That sort of talk can get you banned around here! :)

But of course you're right. The weight loss thing is just a little vanity project, but I don't think I'll be taking to any extremes. Other than the wheels, which will probably end up on my rain/winter bike during the summer, the tyres, which I had already bought, and a replacement matching bottle cage, I've only spent around £40 on stuff like cage bolts, skewers, tape, and housing. I've had the frameset for almost 5 years now, so I am definitely on the lookout for something new; if not for this summer, then the next. I'm just not sure if I want to splash cash now on a non-disk frameset or whether I want an aero or light frame. I build my own wheels from time to time so I wouldn't mind trying to put together a sub 1500g set of 50mm carbon clinchers if it can be done economically.

Out of interest, what did you think were the weak points of the Scott and where did you notice improvements on the Tarmac?

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