Options? Non Aero DI2 shallow drop handlebar with di2 junction box

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by moyboy

Any options for a Non-Aero Di2 shallow drop handlebar that accepts the junction box in the drops?

Only options I know of are the Pro Vibe compact and the new 3T Superleggera.

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by coriordan

I am thinking about going down a similar route to get the junction hidden but at the moment I only have the budget for an Alu bar so I have been watching extensive videos on drilling bars (about a 5mm width hole, 5cm from bar end, on the underside).

While it does come at a risk, my personal view is that the risk is low enough for me at my weight at 75kg to make it worthwhile. Plus when I hold the drops right at the tips, that is more for getting low and cruising rather than aggressive sprinting when I get further forward into the curve which is unlikely to bother the structure of the bars.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but something to bear in mind.

by Weenie

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by AndreLM

Schmolke EVO and Compact hadlebars can be ordered from their website with custom Di2 drilling.

Not cheap though...

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by boots2000

Syncros? I have a brand new set of the carbon Syncros bars that came with my Scott- 42cm.
PM me if interested.

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