Repairing tires with small cuts etc..

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by Catagory6

when i've gotten cuts in the casing i'll use the dollar bill trick to finish out my ride. you can also use Fedex Tyvek envelope, folded over a few times, and large enough to generously extend beyond the cut.

when i get home i cut out a piece of casing from an old tire, larger than the size of the gash. super glue that on the inside of the tire, and then super glue a piece of tyvek paper over the casing patch. just for added reinforcement.

done this many times. and ridden hundreds of miles on tires with this repair without incident.

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by spandexboy817

Anything through the casing and I just cut 2-4 pieces of duct tape depending on the size of the cut and use those. Clean the inside of the tire really well and they will stay for a long time.

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Great idea duct tape. I will get myself some... :thumbup:

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