CANYON H31 aerocockpit mounting bolt

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by CaudaEquina

Hi guys

I just got an endurace cf sl 8
with the integrated cockpit H31
I'm wondering where I could find the mounting bolt/screw that fit the 31 handle bar
I;ve contacted the canyon people, but they told me the only way to get them is to order the garmin mount which is 30 quids.

I would like to mount a front light using these bolts under the handle bar
Does anyone know what kind of bolts it is ? maybe I can find them in a hardware shop

any idea ?


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by MayhemSWE

Just standard M4 thread bolts, nothing special about them.

by Weenie

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by bikeguy0

M4 x 0.7 which is the standard thread pitch for that size of bolt. Any hardware shop should have some.

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by ShastaRN

Thank You. Been researching this myself. Finally an easy answer. Went and purchased at my local Home Depot and everything is mounted perfect.
Sometimes I wish the company could have included the bolts/screws or provided the information in all of the instructions I read through.

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by dcorn

The canyon instructions for assembly were terrible, way too generic.

And most/all hardware stores have bolt gauges. Go to the store, fit it in a hole and line up the threads and it'll tell you exactly what size it is. There's a 95% chance that every bolt on your bike is a completely generic size and length.

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